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What are the pros and cons of buying cheap SEO services?

It is a highly controversial issue whether to pay for cheap SEO services or not. So many men, so many minds. In this article, I will prove you my point concerning affordable SEO. However, I do not force you to draw the same conclusions. 

The first thing I would like to mention is that an investment in search engine optimization pays the best interest. If you want to succeed in a digital market, you need to know how to invest wisely in available resources to get the best results. 

Searching Google for the query “search engine optimization companies,” you will get the results ranging from agencies that have a minimum monthly engagement fee of $5,000 to very cheap SEO services that cost a couple of hundred dollars a month. So, as you can see a range of pricing is wide. But what is the reason for such huge discrepancy in pricing? It all comes down to the quality and effectiveness of what is being offered. What you should undoubtedly memorize is that a quality SEO is expensive. It cannot cost less than $1,000 per month for a full range of optimization services. If you can't understand why, then you know a little about optimization processes. Quality optimization requires a lot of spendings on link building, guest posting, keyword research, and other services that should be accounted for a strong online presence. Moreover, quality optimization should be executed by a team of specialists. The average salary for an experienced SEO specialist is about $2,700 per month. So, the pure logic should explain to you why SEO services priced at just a couple hundred dollars a month can’t possibly be good for your site. 

SEO service providers 

Let us discuss what the basic types of SEO service providers are and which of them may offer you affordable rates. 

The experienced SEO agencies with the well-known brand name

This kind of companies has a genuine interest in the businesses they cooperate with. They are working with the big projects to build long-term business relationships and deliver a high return on investment. They have a serious approach to business development and optimization providing their clients with measurable results. They implement different professional optimization tools to track their client metrics and conduct market researchers. So, the cost of their services is subsequently high. 

The SEO agencies that do not know any better

There are a lot of optimization agencies that outsource everything they do. As they are not performing optimization by themselves, they can’t have full control over client's optimization campaign and in reality work as intermediaries. They are at the mercy of the providers who are not always delivering the highest quality work. Such optimization services are usually of low quality and lack of customization. 

The SEO providers who are looking for the opportunities to pump your money out

It is all about cheap SEO services. This kind of optimization companies is ready to tell you anything you want to hear. As a rule, they seem too-good-to-be-true, promising perfect results for small rates. They promise to improve a site rank within 72 hours or something like this. You should avoid such promises as they are completely unrealistic. No one in the SEO sphere can promise you this, even if you cooperate with the TOP optimization agencies. So if you are not familiar with the current SEO landscape and focus solely on price, you will get burnt. As a rule, cooperating with such low-cost SEO companies ends up in bigger spendings on optimization. So, it makes sense to hire an experienced SEO agency from the beginning to avoid money and time loses.

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