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What are the basic reasons to avoid affordable SEO services?

There are a lot of different SEO services on the web. Searching for the optimization services for your business, you can notice that the price of them vary from company to company. Hiring a cheap SEO services provider can be very tempting for companies that are on the early stage of their operation. Much small business with limited budgeting has to cut costs and cheap SEO service to be a good solution for them. Unfortunately, such a hasty decision can lead to higher money loses than an average optimization services rate. Although most people have understood that SEO is an integral part of a successful online business, many businesses still make wrong decisions. However, a successful business owner should invest wisely to get the high return on investment. 

When considering optimization agencies, you will find a wide range of services and prices. You should know that in this industry experienced SEO specialists are your best asset, even if their fees are higher than average market price. And vice versa, SEO consultants that have a lack of experience are your biggest enemies, even if they provide affordable prices on their services. While it may be tempting to use affordable SEO services to make your business better, it’s just not a good idea. Cheap optimization can be a waste of money and a stumbling block for your business. 

In this article, we will discuss how to distinguish between professional and low-quality optimization services and what are the essential reasons to avoid cheap SEO services altogether. 

Affordable optimization services that are not as good as they seem

Optimization services provided by your hoster or CMS vendor

Some hosting companies, as well as CMS vendors, provide optimization services as the part of their packages. As a rule, these services cost almost nothing in contrast with the independent optimization agencies. A low price can be a sign of low-quality services. So, let us discuss what’s wrong with these services. First of all, they provide a general approach to all businesses ( it does not matter whether you are a small local barber shop or e-commerce giant). Secondly, all their optimization services are optimized which is not aligned with Google webmaster guidelines. They implement different optimization tools that insert search terms and other code on your web pages, and then they submit your site to Google and other search engines. These automated services are usually outdated and cannot provide any value to businesses. They are considered as spam and black-hat SEO by Google. 

IT specialist who is great with computers optimizes your site

Some people believe that a person who is well educated in IT sphere can be helpful in SEO promotion. Of course, such people do not charge much for their services, but they won’t make your business rank higher on search engines. SEO is a rapidly changing sphere that requires a constant involvement. The approaches that were helpful last year may be useless for today’s optimization. That is why quality optimization services may be provided only by the experienced professionals who regularly work in this sphere. IT specialists may know how to code an HTML web page buy it does not mean they know how to implement optimization services on your site. So, hiring them, you are risking to lose your money and time. 

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