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Automate the report creation and delivery processes to spare time.
The web analytics report is the systemized information about your website positions for keywords, behavioral factors, target audience of the resource. The main benefit of Semalt reports is simple and clear data output. We offer you detailed web analytics reports as electronic worksheets and diagrams.
The report templates can be applied to any of your projects. Have your finger on the pulse to get considerable competitive advantage.
We have prepared some simple tips to make Semalt reports as efficient as possible for your projects:
  • Create a separate report template for each target audience for in-depth position monitoring.
  • Choose a unique name for each template to find the required project quickly.
  • Use the feature “Download report now” to download the report to the hard drive.
  • Create reports using the Date sequence and Date comparison criteria to see the full picture of the resource positions.
  • If you act as an intermediary use the feature White Label. Change the Semalt logo, footer and brand name to your company details.
  • Create report delivery lists to be sent to multiple email addresses and save your time.
  • Regularly upgrade statistics of your projects and view web analytics reports. Your website positions can change very often.
  • Use the convenient format: .CSV or .PDF.

If you have any questions about Semalt Report Center, our user support service is always ready to answer them.


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