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Email-delivery reports

Create your own email delivery templates for your Semalt reports.
Automated delivery of web analytics reports saves your time and efforts. You can receive ready reports at the specified email and create a list with contacts. You can preview the data and confirm the delivery to other contacts.
If you want to customize the report delivery process you should follow our recommendations.
Open the Dashboard in the main menu and select Report Center. Open the tab Delivery Templates and click the button Add new template. Fill in all the fields in a new dialog box:
  • Send to contact #1. This field shows your details. Click Remove contact to delete this information.
  • Send to contact #2. Email of a new recipient.
  • Add contact. Add new recipients.
  • When. Frequency of the report delivery:
    • daily;
    • weekly;
    • monthly. If you select weekly/monthly delivery, you need to choose a day.
  • Delivery name. Template name.

In order to preview the reports before sending to other contacts check the box “Get a confirmation email before sending to contacts”.
In the section Delivery Template you can see the list of templates for Semalt report delivery. They are enumerated and presented as a table with corresponding fields:
  • Delivery name. Report name.
  • Send to contact. List of recipients.
  • When.  Frequency of the report delivery.       
  • Confirmation. Enabled/ disabled email confirmation.
  • Action. Edit or delete delivery template.​
  • I have accidently deleted an email delivery template. Can I restore it?

Unfortunately, you cannot restore the deleted template. You need to create a new template and make all the necessary configurations.
  • How can I confirm the delivery to other recipients?

You will get a message from the Semalt Report Center to your email. Click Download Report if you want to preview a report before sending it to other contacts.
In order to send a report to the selected contacts, click Confirm report delivery to contacts. The report will be sent and you will see the Semalt notification: Successfully sent to the contact(s).
  • How many contacts can I add to the email delivery list?

The number of email addresses is unlimited.


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