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Report list

Manage all your reports on one page.
Report List Schedule is a simple and convenient scheduler which contains the list of created templates that can be easily customized. The scheduler is presented as a table and includes the full list of report templates. Here you can find the following data:
  • Report name. Selected report name.
  • Project. Project name.
  • Type. Type of the report.
  • Export. Format of the report.
  • Date range. Date range of the report.
  • White label. Name of your brand.     
  • Delivery. Report delivery template.
  • Action. Report control button.
  • Status. Report status.
Mind: you can create several report templates for one project.
Actions: you can easily manage your templates using the Report list Schedule.
We placed functional buttons in the field ACTION:
  • Download the latest report
You have selected the frequency of report delivery in the settings. But you can download the latest report right away. Click the button Download in the field ACTION and save the document on your hard drive.
  • Edit report
Edit your reports. Click the button Edit report and edit the required fields in the menu:
  • Choose project
  • Report name
  • Report type
  • Export format
  • Data range
  • White label
  • Delivery
Make the necessary alterations and click Save to activate the changes.
  • Delete report
You can easily delete the report template. Click the button Delete report in the field ACTION and confirm this task by clicking Yes in a new dialog box. If you pressed this button by mistake, click NO to cancel this task.
Status: enable/disable report email delivery with one click.
You can temporary disable report delivery without removing the current template from the Reports List: use the On/Off checkbox in the field STATUS.
  • Can I restore a template deleted from the Report List?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Carefully read the system notifications before deleting the template. The template will be deleted only after your confirmation.
  • I have disabled a report delivery template. How can I enable it?

Place the switch in the field STATUS to the position ON. The delivery will be activated starting from the next date specified in the settings.
  • The button Download the latest report won’t work. What is the reason?

The possible reason is that the system didn’t have enough time to harvest data for the reports. Carefully check the date range and report delivery settings. Hover the cursor over the button Download the latest report to see the date of the next report that will be delivered to your email.


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