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What SEO services can improve my domain authority?

There is a common question in a digital world - “How domain name may influence website SEO?” Some people tend to believe that there is no relation between these aspects at all. Others think that it is helpful to include search terms in a domain name to improve site rankings. In this article, I will try to dispel all misconceptions and give you a reasonable answer to a question how search optimization interrelates with domain names.

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Domain name short definition

Let us start from the very bottom of this notion. Domain name is a name of your brand presented as a short website URL. It serves to point users to a specific spot on the Internet where you have built your web source. The domain names are used to identify IP addresses of a website. For instance, is a domain name of our digital company, while serves as the subdomain.

Top-level domain

The professional domain SEO services provide their clients only with the top-level domain as they considered as more quality. Have you ever wondered what the top-level domain is? It is a tail of your domain name which looks like “.com.” In general TLD domains serve for company websites. During the last decade, things have changed drastically. These days, top-level domains like a "guru." or "pro." are available. You can apply it to your site to make your brand more memorable.

Domain age

The age of a domain is a significant ranking factor that shows the search engines how reputable your domain is. It refers to a site content, structure and its relevance to a user’s query. To rank higher on Google, your domain should exist at least two years.

It is worth to note that Google representative John Mueller once stated that a domain age does not have any impact on site rankings. Of course, a domain name by itself can not influence your site rankings. However, old domains, as a rule, have a lot of backlinks that point to them. Moreover, Google bots have already parsed their content inside and out. That is why they are considered as more reputable and authority in the eyes of Google.

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How may domain name affect your SEO?

All optimization companies provide similar SEO services starting from technical optimization services and finishing with social media marketing. While agencies provide the same services from different angles, they are all based on the same unchangeable theories. One stable approach in all of this is your domain name. SEO specialists work under domains improvement as ultimately it can provide more trust, higher click-through rates, higher brand potential and more attention in the search engine result pages.

While optimizing your domain name, you need to make sure it sends the right signals to get the most value. You need to create short memorable and catching domain name that coincides with one of your relevant high-volume search terms.

A correctly established domain name incorporates brand and relevancy signals.

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