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Digital marketing
We develop our websites in accordance with the latest search engine requirements, and with the help of Semalt SEO team, we can
— Ercan Topuz, Owner of (Turkey)
Medya ve Eğlence
I found Semalt. They promised results. And you know what? - They got them. Within a matter of days, Bonomotion,, an
— Bernard Bonomo, Media Entrepreneur, Founder of (USA)
Pazarlama ve İletişim
I am growing up the rankings. I am getting more visits, inquiries to come in. So, I am pretty excited about what's coming up...
— Richard Sauerman, CEO of (Australia)
Information technologies
We’ve got very good support from the SEO team of Semalt. They provided us information about how our website can be presented to
— Kevin Jackson, CEO of (USA)
I came to Semalt and they gave me a lot of recommendations. Having implemented all the necessary recommendations I felt the dif
— Dimas Frolov, Founder and photographer at (Thailand)
Hayat Sigortası
Now we are getting more leads, more phone calls, more clients… It’s really amazing what has happened in just a few months…
— David Robles, CEO of (USA)
It’s also important that Semalt guys always keep in touch and are flexible to adjust to our needs. We also used Semalt copywrit
— Ann, Manager of marketing on web (Australia)
The success of my online store is the merit of E-Commerce package from Semalt. Customers usually find my shop through Google se
— Saloid Kateryna, Business Owner of (Ukraine)
We have started with autoSEO and now made our way to FullSEO, of course. And the results are really impressive...
— Steven Ralph, Owner of (USA)
Bilgi Hizmetleri
Huge traffic boost is what I've got after I started using Semalt services. To be more precise, the number of website visitors i
— Sam Somner, Internet marketer at (USA)
We selected Semalt. We've been with them about 3 months now, we love it much actually. And, we had no explosure or rankings on
— Hugh Prather, President of (USA)
Education information for students
We’re really happy with the results that we are getting. We have seen improvement in the search rankings of our website on Goog
— Pramod Patwa, Owner and CEO of (India)
Travel agency
By the time I started with Semalt, I had only 10 organic views on my website early, with that bombs to 200 unique views every d
— Roberto Marroquin, CEO of (El Salvador)
Bilgi Hizmetleri
"…I’ve been using Semalt since last 6-7 months. And I’ve got a very good response and good organic search from Google. And I
— Shrikant Panday, Owner of (India)
"...I thank all the Semalt team for helping us, their support is great, they are always concerned, helping, thinking together,
— Tarcisio, Owner of (Brazil)
Tıp ve Sağlık
When our website was developed, we knew that Semalt would also find a good promotion strategy for it. We felt great support fro
— Zeeshan Zaman, CEO of (Pakistan)
e da maggio 2017 abbiamo acquistato il pacchetto Auto SEO annuale Funziona bene e il nostro sito ha molte piu visite e abbiamo
— Paola, Owner of (Italy)
A good friend of ours advised us to turn to the Semalt company. As a result, we were provided with excellent service and a user
— Mikhail Medvedev, Founder of (Ukraine)
Digital marketing
In AutoSEO, Semalt tries to build, in fact, 25 backlinks daily and keyword automation. What I like about Semalt is that my site
— Adike Kizito, Freelancer, web marketer (Nigeria)
Credit Analysis and Registration
Searching for a better solution on the web, we eventually found Semalt SEO agency. The trial period gave us an understanding o
— Will Robson Souza Freitas, Owner of (Brazil)
Digital marketing
I just used Semalt because they helped me a lot to get better ranking positions on Google… If your company uses a lot of websit
— Abhishek Singh, Owner of (India)
I recently registered with Semalt... they gave me a very authoritative and impressive service, and I’m satisfied with this serv
— Mahesh Bavaliya, Owner of (India)
Digital marketing
...I started to use Semalt optimization services with the trial package for $0.99 only. I received great results, so I decided
— Huy Quan, Manager Production of (Vietnam)
...In this company, I’m guided by Volodymyr, my personal manager who is always solving all my problems and answers my questions
— Victor Corzan, Owner of (Spain)
Coupons and discount codes
"...I was really surprised by the results. They’ve helped me with really great content, tips and technical recommendations from
— David Rivera, Owner of (Spain)
"...I gave them a try and I am a happy-happy and satisfied customer of Semalt.."
— Osaid Bin Khalid, CEO (Pakistan)

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