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What web design services your SEO company can provide?

Anytime you are a launching a new website or rebreeding your old site version; you need to pay particular attention to stellar design and user experience with your site. Both these aspects are crucial for your online business promotion as they directly influence your site rankings. As a rule, a quality SEO-friendly design goes hand in hand with good user design.

web design and seo company

However, there are some design approaches exist that search bots do not index. That is why you should always be aware of how your design decisions may affect your website's search engine optimization. In this article, you will find some general web design mistakes you need to avoid to get the best possible result from your search engine optimization campaign.

Web design issues you need to check with your SEO company

Your site design should correctly serve for users, but optimize for search engines

Every web designer knows that user experience and search engine optimization should be interrelated to bring a visible optimization result. However, you may be wondering how you could hurt your optimization efforts by focusing on user experience. There are numerous cases when well-animated flash design negatively impacts website rankings. 

You need to set a solid SEO foundation for your website to keep a balance between well-looking design and optimization. Do not create a too complicated design as it usually slows down your site loading and makes it more complicated for users to find what they need. Your site web designers should work alongside different optimization aspects to provide your future customers with a perfect experience. I advise you to hire a full stack digital optimization company to provide a redesign for your site because marketers, SEO specialists and designers will work together for your online project.

Planning for your SEO web design

Your site redesign can directly impact your SEO and website rankings. It happens because old web pages are being re-indexed lower or even removed from search results at all. The same situation can be observed when you launch a new website. Recently established web pages will rank lower than long existed web pages. That is why you need to be ready for rankings drop.

web design and seo

You need to monitor your traffic changes and solve all issues as soon as they appear. However, it is, even more, the foresight to look out ahead to avoid tracking drops. You need to analyze your traffic data to determine the pages on your site driving a considerable amount of targeted traffic. To continue generating traffic to your website through these pages, you need to include these traffic generating web pages into your new design. In a case of URLs change, you need to add 301 redirects to these pages. By doing so, you will enable Google bots to parse your our new version quicker and will improve your site positions or at least keep them on the same level. 

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