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How YouTube videos can improve my SEO?

In our days, YouTube serves as an excellent traffic source with almost unlimited potential. It is foolish not to use this potential if you would like to promote your site. According to the statistical data, YouTube is the second search engine by its size after Google. Every month almost 3 billion users conduct a search on YouTube. That is why it is a significant opportunity for website owners in creating engaging videos for YouTube. A well optimized and attractive video on a popular query can bring you a high revenue and improve traffic to your site. Moreover, YouTube is a perfect place to build relevant links to your site without any investments. However, on this media platform users face the same problem as on search engines. This issue is a high competitiveness. Every minute business owners, as well as bloggers, upload hours of video to this media platform. It is quite difficult to become visible among million of others. Considering this high competitiveness on YouTube, online merchants wonder how they can engage people to watch their videos instead of the millions of others. The most relevant answer to this question is search engine optimization. It serves like in search engines, improving brand recognition and attracting users to specific content. It does not make sense to create quality video content that won’t be seen by your targeted audience. That is why you need to invest some time, money and efforts in your YouTube account promotion to target more quality traffic than your market niche competitors. So, let us discuss how search engine optimization can be interrelated with YouTube promotion and what optimization techniques we need to implement to raise our website traffic.

youtube and seo

YouTube SEO essentials

Before we start to discuss the promotional techniques we need to implement to increase the number of our YouTube page followers and attract targeted traffic to our websites, I would like to give you the notes of the most significant signals that YouTube uses when ranking videos:

  • audience retention;
  • video description;
  • optimized title tags;
  • keywords in descriptive tags;
  • the length of video;
  • the number of views;
  • the number of users who subscribe your page after watching a video;
  • video censorship;
  • comments;
  • the number of likes and dislikes.

youtube seo

YouTube on-page optimization

YouTube users watch almost 5 billion videos on a daily basis. It means that you have an excellent opportunity to market your products or services there and connect with your potential customers. SEO in YouTube serves almost the same as in Google. Here everything begins with a quality and unique on-page content. Op-page YouTube optimization enables users to understand what your video is about and decide whether it match their expectations or not. With the help of relevant search terms in titles and descriptions, users may quickly sort out the videos as well as YouTube search bots can rank your video in search results. Moreover, on-page optimization increases the chances of your promo video placing at the TOP of Google search results for your high-volume search terms. The essential YouTube ranking factor is the video’s title, description and meta tags. It means that your title is the most significant factor for establishing your video topic, keywords, and theme. The number of characters in a title is limited. It means that you need to insert all the most relevant and significant information near the start of your title to make it visible to both YouTube search bots and users.

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