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What are the ways to obtain WordPress backlinks?

Backlinks are also known as inbound or incoming links. These links are set on one web page but pointing to another one. By raising the number of incoming links, you are raising your site popularity. That s why it is a perfect technique to increase the traffic of a web source and make it well-known among users. The number and quality of backlinks are one of the most significant ranking factors for Google. That is why backlinks are used by webmasters to increase website ranking position and make a website more SEO-friendly. If a site is pointed by multiple backlinks, it is more likely to be searched by users. 

What are the reasons to generate WordPress backlinks?

The quantity and quality of backlinks is a crucial factor in search engine optimization. External links have some benefits in website optimization by attracting new visitors to a site and also by increasing traffic to your web pages. They play a significant role in boosting the follower base and raising brand awareness. Moreover, inbound links are useful in the sense that it improves the site working performance and links the site to other networks. 

How to add backlinks to WordPress?

Webmasters who run several web sources simultaneously can make full use of backlinks to interconnect each site. It is a perfect way to increase the traffic to all websites. However, some website owners feel confused to create backlinks correctly. That is why we gather for you some useful tips that will help you to build good backlinks on WordPress:

  • Exchange backlinks with other sites 

The simplest and organic way to create relevant backlinks is to exchange them with other sites. You can simply contact webmaster in your niche and establish with him mutually beneficial relationships. You can ask him to put your backlinks on his site with the condition you will do the same for him from your part. This win-win technique is suitable for both you and your partner website. 

  • Press releases

It is significant to tell your potential customers about your novelties and changes in your business. You need to present this information shortly and compellingly and distribute it to various press-release agencies. Well-written press releases can be published by some of the high-authoritative news sites that may reward you as a writer with backlinks for free. 

  • Product testimonials

Another organic way to build links is to write testimonials for commodities or services you highly appreciate. If your testimonial meets the required standards, it can be displayed on the website. As a result, the writer will get relevant backlinks. Product reviews have the links to the writers who create them and make testimonials authentic. 

  • Use social media channels

You can get benefits from using such social media platforms as Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. You can create here your business account and add links to it that point to your website. To attract a lot of potential customers, you need continuously provide your customers with fresh and relevant content as well as with different giveaways, contests, videos, and infographics.

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