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Why do I have in my WordPress referral reports every other day?

WordPress tools include the integrated system of traffic statistics accounting. There are many plugins by other developers. Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee absolutely accurate referral reports. They often contain mistakes and faults in traffic data and provide wrong traffic source.

Bots that are scanning websites are identified as unique users who came to the page from the other resource. The webmaster can easily track the traffic source, so the question arises: how to explain that robots are visiting the website.

You can avoid this situation. Webmasters offer several solutions:

  • Semalt block WordPress plugin.
  • Prevent bots from visiting your website using the file .htaccess.
  • Setting up a filter in the web analytics system.
  • Change the web statistics service.

Setting up the blocking Semalt crawler WordPress plugin is the simplest method. It doesn’t require special skills and takes not so much time.

You need to ask a developer for help in order to edit the file .htaccess. So this method is not recommended for the beginners.

You can configure the filter in settings of your web analytics system. Not every service provides this option. At this moment this feature is available only in Google Analytics.

Experts recommend you to be very fastidious when selecting a web analytics service not to spend a lot of time and efforts in vain. The owner of a WordPress-based website or blog can use any other service.

Did anyone install blocking Semalt Crawler WordPress plugin? Does it work?
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