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Who has tried Semalt alternative web analytics tool?

If you choose between Semalt and Google Analytics only to monitor your website positions, we offer you to study all the features of these services. You can compare and select the one you really need.

GA allows monitoring visits and tracking the source of your traffic (though the last value can be rather inaccurate). While the website owner has to integrate the GA counter code to the source code of the website.

Semalt alternative web analytics tool easily copes with monitoring activity. But this service does not require any counter. You can create a new project by entering the URL of a target page.

Both Semalt and Google Analytics are adapted for work with Google search engine. But they have a lot of differences.

Semalt, as well as GA, helps to create a semantic kernel of the website – offers the most relevant keywords for promotion on Google search results. Moreover, Semalt can show you the full list of your competitors and recent updates on their web resources.

The Website Analyzer service is one of Semalt tools. While GA only tracks statistics data, Semalt checks the website structure, its content, social signals and shows all the soft points.

Look, even Forbes mentions this service. I think you can trust them.

I believe it is worth to hire a pro analyst. Though it is more expensive but they ensure the result.
I use MOZ. But it is paid as well. No reason to complain by now. I haven’t tried Semalt and I’m not sure how it works. In fact there are lots of Google Analytics and Semalt alternative services. And some of them are free.
I can recommend Clicky. The basic account is free but it provides little features. Piwik is not bad.

I would like to remind that Semalt offers their clients to pick their personal tariff rate. You can choose the required services and their amount and pay only for them. Moreover, Semalt always provides great discounts to its clients. For example, the first month of AutoSEO will cost you only $0.99.

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