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Where can I run free SEO analysis?

SEO analysis provides detailed information about website’s performance in SERP. It observes the entire website’s data in full providing definite indicators of where the site is performing well or whether there are any obstacles to its rank. It allows you to take well-formed decisions on how to improve the site’s ranking in SERP.

There are many tools for SEO analysis, with either free or paid options available. At the same time, there are different reporting features, I mean a certain SEO analysis tool can show better performance for a particular website, rather than another one. If you are new to SEO analysis, or currently working with a limited budget, you can use some free SEO analysis software to see its benefits first.

SEO analysis tools

Here is the list of popular SEO analysis tools, currently used by many SEMs:

1. Semalt Analyzer

Semalt Analyzer is a free SEO management software, particularly useful in SEO analysis and reporting.

It audits every web page one after the other, exposing on-page SEO warnings to proceed with suggestions for tackling these effects impacting the site’s ranking. It also investigates inbound backlinks and provides the information on the original website’s rank and authority. In addition, Semalt Analyzer gives you a hint on the interfacing sources, most relevant to your area of interest and expertise. As a result, you will be able to develop more useful backlinks. Finally, it enables you to export the SEO audit report as HTML file for deeper examination.

A typical report with Semalt Analyzer covers common data on:

  • HTTP status code returned by the analyzed page;
  • number of external links;
  • internal links and backlinks;
  • page actual size in KB;
  • social signals;
  • body text assessment;
  • URL analysis;
  • tag inquiry;
  • PPC and competitive analysis;
  • keyword density research.

2. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider indexes and crawls the website to track inbound and outbound links, keyword elements, HTTP status codes, and crawling levels.

The tool collects all vital elements of SEO for each page to show what actually needs updating to achieve global SEO improvement. It will point out duplicated webpages, missing images, slow webpages, or broken links with accessibility problems. You can also review the length of the title or tags, in line with rating the uniqueness of descriptions and content.

The software allows you to export all the SEO analysis data to a spreadsheet for further in-depth study.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is free for indexing up to 500 pages, is supported on PC, Linux, and Mac.


3. IziSEO Free Version

Izi SEO is a simple desktop online free SEO analysis tool. It quickly spots any critical issues on the website, to give you a list of recommendations on how to get rid of them.

This software helps you prepare a list of URLs, or Google sitemap to make browsing easier. As a result, doing on-page SEO becomes simpler, quicker and more productive by setting a priority for those SEO errors to be fixed first of all. To see all warning indicators for a certain web page, just have a click on “To-do List” button to proceed with SEO optimization comments.

Besides, you can export your reports into PDF file for easy printing. The tool has a wide range of other settings as well. You will need them to have a stronger focus on the critical features that need improving first to have better online visibility.


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