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What is SEO with Intent Marketing?

Marketing with intent is all about combining SEO and content. When mixed intelligently, SEO and content marketing become an unbeatable weapon that helps your business stand out from the crowd of competitors.

In 2017, meeting and converting customer demand is all about making your brand visible, persuasive and appealing to clients. Even though most people like to think that their choices are based on facts and logic, emotions still play the integral role in making everyday decisions. People tend to remember experiences, not text. That’s why generating texts that resonate with your audience is the key to content engagement.

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Content is a Primary Component of SEO Marketing Strategy 

In the past few years, online shopping has become one of the most preferred ways to make purchases. That’s the main reason why your website content should be optimized as much as possible to engage and attract potential clients wherever they are. Fortunately, you can easily reach this objective by combining SEO and content marketing efforts into a single function.

Remember, search engine optimization is vital to content discovery. The first thing you need to do is identify keywords that establish commercial intent. This data will help you better understand the intent of customers which, in turn, will help you generate original content that is more likely to convert.

How to Combine SEO with Content Marketing?

Keep in mind: developing an effective content optimization program takes much time and efforts. Semalt experts recommend that you consider these tactics when building your perfect content optimization plan:

Knowing Your Audience is a Must

The following one is the most important thing to remember: everything your brand does, including the product, service, experience and marketing strategy, should revolve around the client. Defining a target audience helps you create exciting content on relevant topics that properly address your customer needs.

It’s a golden rule: if you understand the motivations of your audience, there are more chances you will deliver impactful content that helps boost revenue, drive growth, and increase long-term sustainability.

The Importance of Content Optimization

Note: every piece of content you generate should have a reason for existing.Typically, the purpose of content is to inform, educate and entertain. Keep purpose top of mind when creating a content strategy.

The next step is optimizing content for maximum visibility. Semalt specialists recommend that you use the following tips when optimizing your site content:

  • Choose interesting and relevant topics that appeal based on interests, behaviors, and demographics;
  • Incorporate the right keywords;
  • Optimize your content for mobile devices.

Another suggestion is to focus on quality, not quantity. Remember, more content doesn’t mean better content. It’s obvious that people want to consume valuable content that is personalized, relevant, and helpful to them.

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Measure Your Results for Better Performance

As they say, that which isn’t measured can’t be enhanced. Fortunately, these days you can easily determine your ROI by tracking metrics and gaining content performance insights in a matter of just a few clicks.

You can learn from every content campaign, whether it achieved or failed its goals. Measuring and monitoring help you determine what made your best content stand out. By doing so, you can replicate the successful methodologies, thus improving your SEO marketing strategy for the better.  


As you can see, combining SEO and content marketing is one of the best ways to increase your site traffic and attract high-quality leads. Follow the tactics mentioned above and see what happens to your website rankings!

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