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Is there a website SEO checker online that can help me with backlinks?

Below I am going to tell you how to pick a website SEO checker online to prevent any possible negative occurrences. I mean here the most common problems with violating Google’s guidelines, which may lead to ranking penalties or even complete de-indexing of the whole domain authority. The thing is that the search engines are watching us to detect any violations, manipulations, or grey schemes for higher website ranking in the SERPs. Among the most frequent missteps, are the lack of quality content, as well as unfair backlinking. That’s why it would be a quite reasonable idea to always keep your eye on the process of organic link building for every web page. Doing so, you will need to select the right website SEO checker online. And there are too many tools like that available in open access. So, how to make the right choice after all?

website seo checker online

Let’s start with what needs your checking first and foremost. I recommend having an involved double-check on the following elements:

  • Your link building history of at least three months
  • In-depth study of your anchor links
  • The sources of your backlinking
  • Custom check for every type of links you have

So, to prevent any Google penalties for unfair backlinking, I recommend considering a website SEO checker online from the following use-proven analytical tools: Serpstat, Ahrefs, Majestic, or Semalt Analyzer. As for me, I recommend monitoring your domain backlinks weekly, or at least once every two weeks. Using any website SEO checker online I’ve mentioned before can help you handle the process in a self-driven manner, nearly in full.

To make monitoring backlinks even quicker and easier, let’s observe a typical link check taking the Backlink Analysis by Serpstat for the commonest example. To run the basic all-around evaluation, we just need to visit the official web page of this online framework provider. Once we enter our domain name that needs verifying, we will be given a summary report on short notice. Looking through this typical survey report, we took as an example, we would observe the following:

  • Total amount of backlinks
  • The most recent history, covering all updates and changes, which took place through the latest period up to three months
  • Summary list of purely reliable links coming from the domain areas of the strongest authority like .edu or .gov, well-recognized by Google itself, as well as the rest of the leading search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo
  • Specific caution list covering only newly created and recently lost links, both for your more precise attention and verification, including the dates of their index
  • The latest traffic schedule on your referring domains for the recent period up to three months
  • Standard list of your anchors, as well as their total count
  • A summarized evaluation of your website backlinking performance, estimated by Serpstat as the indicator of trust.

SEO Backlinks

That way, we could expect even sophisticated backlinking analysis with a standard website SEO checker online to take no longer than 10-15 minutes. As I already mentioned, it’s only up to you to choose the way of backlink analysis with one of those four tools referred to in the beginning. As for me, I found my ultimate website checker online using the tool by Serpsat. And you might as well try to make use of Semalt Analyzer, for even deeper dive into your site’s everyday performance.

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