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Semalt: Top 6 Features Of Web Scraping Service

Web harvesting is the best way to collect information from the Internet. In the past, webmasters and freelancers could extract data only when they had great programming skills, but now a large number of scraping tools have been launched. Mozenda is one of the best web scraping programs. It has a user-friendly interface and allows you to extract data without any programming skills. Mozenda's experts have built hundreds of web agents that process millions of web pages in an hour. Their depth and breadth of experience are matchless, and they are good at architecting high-profile solutions and solving complex problems. The most distinctive features of Mozenda are described below.

Top Feature #1: Readable and scalable data

With Mozenda, it is easy for anyone to scrape readable and scalable data in a matter of minutes. Unlike other ordinary scraping services, Mozenda helps you extract information from dynamic websites. It bypasses the useless links and gets you desired data rapidly. Furthermore, Mozenda creates a lighter footprint on the target websites making it easy for you to scrape as many web pages as possible.

Top Feature #2: Error-free data

A large number of web scraping tools extract data, but it contains numerous spelling and grammatical errors. Unlike those services, Mozenda gets you accurate and error-free data in a short time. If you want to scrape numerous web pages and are concerned about the quality, you should try Mozenda instantly. It will not only scrape your data but also will monitor its quality and remove all the mistakes from the final results.

Top Feature #3: No maintenance required

Unlike other web scrapers, Mozenda doesn't need any maintenance and can be used anytime, anywhere. Even when you don't have sufficient programming skills, you can easily use this tool to get the data scraped. Furthermore, it doesn't require you to write the HTML code. Thus, Mozenda is equally good for programmers and non-programmers.

Top Feature #4: Easy integration with business processes

In today's data-driven business environment, various people interact with data analysis and data collection processes. Companies look for web scraping tools that promise quality results rapidly. With Mozenda, you can easily build an online business and scrape different types of data without any issue. Mozenda is famous among enterprises due to its integration with the business processes. It is not only good for well-known brands but also for startups and private blogs.

Top Feature #5: Scrapes dynamic website

Mozenda is the only tool that works with dynamic websites and organizes and structures the raw data for its users. You don't need to write scripts and can begin extracting data within seconds. Mozenda will obtain useful information for you from dynamic websites and will fix the unstructured data, returning the accurate and error-free information.

Top Feature #6: Supports different formats

Mozenda will extract data and convert it into CSV, JSON, XML and XLS formats. You can either save the data in its database or download to your hard drive conveniently. Plus, Mozenda can scrape both text and images for the users.

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