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Are there any website design tips for my site?

While we cannot give you suggestions on the color scheme and patterns as website design trends change rapidly, we can tell you about the elements that are eternal and necessary regardless of the theme you choose.

website design tips

 Website Design Tip # 1. Clean layout

The overabundance of banners, pop-up ads, badges and signs hasn’t been popular since 2000. Today, when the visual information can turn into a white noise for our perception, it is important not to strain your visitors with even more clutter. Don’t go after a myriad of visual elements. Select a simple background with one-two stylish  blocks, implement negative space and flat design: you will see how more is less. Although minimalism may not be trendy in two years, but clean design will always be welcomed by your visitors. 

Website Design Tip # 2. Visual structure

Everything about your site must be as clear as a day to your users. You must keep all the elements and content organized: from the homepage logo to the “Subscribe” button. Imagine yourself as a site visitor: what do you expect to see first on the good site and what would you find annoying to look at. Your design should steer the users in the necessary direction, lead them from the point A to the point B instead of leaving them stranded. Keep your content in the most visible places, as user expect it to be delivered to them right away and they’re right to do so.

The current most popular structure type is the “F-pattern”: this is the way users’ eyes move when studying the site. Implementing it would enable your visitors to learn everything about you in a short time.

website design

Website Design Tip # 3. Font consistency

The mess of different font styles, colors and sizes is one of the most common website design issues. While there are many options for decorating your text, you should remember that the primary purpose of any text is informative. However, when the fonts are too small or too large, switch from Comic Sans to Harlow Solid Italic, the readability suffers just like your conversion.  We suggest to use only three font styles on the site and select the fonts which have similar features. Keep the colors compatible with the background and avoid tiny or oversized fonts: your users will appreciate this.

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