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Semalt Review – Web Data Extraction Software For Your Online Projects

The web scraping tools automate web data extraction procedure and can be integrated with any web browsers. You just have to point to the data fields you are looking to collect, and these tools will do the rest for you. They are designed for enterprises and experts and require no technical skills. Some of these tools are compatible with Windows while the others are good for Linux users.

1. 80 legs

80legs is a famous web crawling and data extraction service. It lets you create and run the web crawls to get desired results. 80legs has been built on top of the distributed grid computing network and scrapes data from varying web pages within a few minutes.

2. ParseHub

ParseHub is one of the best and most amazing web scraping software for your online projects. It extracts useful and readable data from different web pages and imports the results in Ajax and Javascript formats. Using this program, you can search through forms, open the drop downs, login to different sites, and extract data from maps and tables conveniently. The outputs are provided in JSON and Excel forms.

3. is an effective and reliable data scraping tool. It is suitable for independent companies to the multinational brands and can advance your academic research. It is great for journalists and helps them collect information from different web pages. This data scraping tool delivers the SaaS product, enabling you to convert raw data into required forms.


Coupled with advanced machine learning technology, is a wonderful and one of the coolest web scraping software on the Internet. It is developed by Henrik, a computer programmer, and automates your data scraping process giving you the best possible results. Dexi's Intelligent Automation Platform has been trusted by over 20 thousand companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, and PwC.

5. helps enterprises collect, scrape and organize data in an efficient and effective way. It is a cloud-based program that is easy to use and provides scalable results instantly. is an excellent alternative to Mozenda and can be deployed at the business unit levels. Using this tool, you can publish the results in TSV, JSON, CSV and XML formats.

6. Scrapinghub

Scrapinghub is one of the most useful data scraping programs to use. It allows us to scrape or extract different web pages without any programming knowledge. Moreover, Scrapinghub gives us a power of crawling websites from multiple IP addresses or locations.

7. Visual Scraper

Visual Scraper is great for extracting data from images and PDF files. It's getting tough for enterprises and programmers to collect information from social media sites, but Visual Scraper can collect data from Facebook and Twitter too. Its online crawler makes it easy for you to index your web pages and improves your site's overall performance.

8. Outwit Hub

Outwit Hub is an advanced web scraping app. It is designed to scrape information from local and online resources and recognizes URLs, images, web documents and phrases, making your work easier and better. It can provide outputs both in unorganized and organized formats and exports your data to spreadsheets.

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