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Semalt Explains How To Scrape Websites With Node.js

Node.js is a cross-platform, open-source JavaScript framework that helps execute data from different websites. It is primarily used for client-side scripting, where codes and scripts are written in JavaScript and embedded in a site's HTML. Node.js allows you to use JavaScript server for producing dynamic web content. It is one of the most famous and fundamental elements of JavaScript paradigms that allows developers and programmers to perform a variety of tasks.

Unlike other JavaScript frameworks, Node.js doesn't refer to a specific file and is a name of a project. It is known for its well-versed architecture and ability to perform multiple data scraping tasks at a time. Node.js helps optimize different web pages and provides scalable and readable data. It scrapes data in real-time and is licensed by the Linux and the Node.js Foundations.

Scrape a website with Node.js:

Node.js is the prior choice of GoDaddy, Groupon, IBM, Microsoft, LinkedIn, PayPal, Netflix, SAP, Rakuten, Tuenti, Walmart, Yahoo, Cisco Systems and Voxer.

The basic workflow of Node.js is as follows:

  • Launch the web scraper;
  • Insert a website URL and allow your scraper to perform its function;
  • The scraper will make requests to the target-site and start performing its data extraction tasks;
  • It will capture the HTML of your site and traverse the DOM;
  • In the final step, your scraper will extract data and save it in a suitable format;

Node.js was first written and introduced by Ryan Dahl a few years ago. It was maintained by Joyent and Dahl. Earlier this year, two advanced package managers were launched for the Node.js users. NPM is the most famous package manager. With it, you can easily publish and share your data. NPM was designed to simplify the process of data extraction and provide quality information.

Create different web servers and networking tools with Node.js:

Amazingly, Node.js allows you to create various networking tools and web servers. Its modules and managers are provided for various data extraction projects. You can also use them for binary data, data stream, cryptography function, and other similar functions. Node.js uses APIs to scrape dynamic content and write server applications for its users. You can run Node.js' applications on Mac OS, Linux, Microsoft, NonStop, Unix, and Windows.

Build network programs with this framework:

You can use Node.js to build different network programs on the net. One of the major differences between PHP and Node.js is that PHP blocks your IP address, but the functions of Node.js cannot be blocked. It means you can scrape your data conveniently and don't need to worry about IP blocking.

Node.js is best known for its event-driven capabilities and enables you to develop a web server in JavaScript. As a developer, you can easily create scalable server without any need of DOM parser and strings.

Node.js libraries

There are numerous open-source, well-versed libraries for Node.js. Most of these libraries are hosted on an NPM system and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. With Node.js, you can scrape both dynamic and basic websites with ease.

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