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Semalt Expert Describes Top Web Extraction Tools

For some website developers, it is essential to automate some web extraction tools. They help a person harvest website data from a site and store it in a remote location or on a physical hard drive. People hate the popular option of saving page data from a web page using a browser. However, some websites have a lot of pages. A person can be able to use a web extraction tool to save multiple pages in a go. Most of these tools offer automation services such as configuring a pre-set consistent schedule. These tools operate just like standard browsers, except for that they are simple web crawlers which visit web pages and collect essential data.

In this SEO article, some of the most influential web extraction tools are present:


This is a visual web extraction tool which can download website information. The user has the advantage of the easy to use interface which comes with a lot of features. People with no or minimal programming knowhow can use the Octoparse to enable data extraction from a target URL.


A web scraper may want to get data from invoices, receipts, and emails. In all these cases, Hubdoc can be able to crawl and collect this information to a target domain. From here, this tool can be able to store the data in a structured manner for future reference.


For Windows users, WinAutomation makes it easy for people to develop content for their websites. It enables Windows users to get an automatic tool which can be able to save as well as create a structured directory of a website data on a local drive.

Health Data Archiver

When considering hospital web extraction tools, Health Data Archiver helps users extract data from health systems websites. It is possible to use this information like from hospitals and ambulance and physician services. For users who need ETL services, Health Data Archiver helps automate data collection from specific medical URLs for use in their systems.


This tool offers an easy solution for scrapping website data. Users who have minimal or zero programming knowledge can be able to retrieve a website data and save it. Diggernaut has a simple user interface as well as simple drag and drops features.

For users who want to generate sales, you can get accurate data using tools such as This tool has the option of fetching a competitor website's data. Moreover, one can be able to interact with the competitor website's marketing scheme.

Data Integration

In some scrapping needs, APIs may be incompatible. In these cases, moving data between real-time or streaming requirements can be made possible using the Data integration tool.


Businesses can use Datahut to get ready to use the business content. Some people might want to conduct a specific business analysis. Datahut is a web extraction tool which makes the users download website data in a flash. People making e-commerce startups can benefit from this app.

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