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Semalt Suggests A Powerful Web Data Extraction Platform

Web scraping is an effective extracting tool for web searchers who want to gather data from the Internet without having to consume a lot of hours. A great option is to use a powerful scraping software program, like the New Prosoft Web Content Extractor. It's an easy-to-use platform, which offers its users the following advantages.

Gather Content From The Web Automatically

This software program allows web searchers to get texts and images automatically from various web pages across the internet. They just have to press a button, in order to have all the relative data they want. New Prosoft uses a simple interface, where users can have the results they want without having to use any codes.

Have Quick And Successful Results

It's a great professional platform that gives to its users quick results with high accuracy and efficiency. Users can get all the data they need when using this powerful extracting tool. For example, they can extract contents, images, lists of prices and products and they can also have the option to parse Forex as well as other stock market figures. These are just some of the applications web scrapers can find. In fact, this extraction tool can deal with different contents and images.

Gather Info By Providing Flexible Options

Web Content Extractor uses a powerful engine that supports password protected websites and can have access the web through several proxy servers. For example, the crawler support can download up to 20 threads simultaneously, and it is very flexible. For example, the users can set it to ignore certain URLs according to their preferences. As a result, they can get an accurate result very fast. Then, they can save their data into certain formats, like a text file or a CSV, export them to HTML or XML or they can just store their data into a certain file.

Mine Emails Addresses From The Web Automatically

Managers who are looking to find great ways to boost the performance of their companies and services can always make use of the email extraction software program of New Prosoft. It's an amazing option, which comes with useful features. More specifically, it allows web searchers to gather email addresses from different online pages automatically. It's a simple and fast email scraper tool which runs targeted email extractions in no time. It's a very useful crawler that helps millions of marketers to find useful data to improve their products and services. Actually this software crawler can extract specific email addresses from web pages or any other pages that match the search criteria. Users can set their own parameters, and they can save URLs and emails in output files.

Visual Web Spider, A Multi-Threaded Web Crawler

It helps its users to gather and index various web pages on the Internet and saves images and other content to their hard disk automatically. When using it, users can access index pages with specific phrases or keywords, or it can help them to find broken links. By using this spider, web searchers can also gather page titles, page texts, description, keywords and other. Then, users can extract their gathered data in certain formats on their computer.

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