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Do you need video SEO company for your visual content promotion?

If you would to rank high in Google search results, a video SEO should be a part of your marketing strategy. According to statistical data, it is 53 times easier to rank a video on search engines than to rank a website. Moreover, videos make up 64% of all internet traffic, and it’s forecasted to grow to 80% of all traffic by 2019. Nowadays, video advertising is the most widespread method of products or services promotion. The reason why business tends to use video in their promotional campaigns is the effectiveness of this method of advertising.

 It is not a secret that visual content is correctly perceived by users of all ages. You may present your company values, services, and pricing policy in three minutes long video. This information will be precise and memorable in contrast to bulk and boring texts. The One Publisher Association present a statistical data according to which 80% of users recall watching a video ad in the past month, and 46% of them making some follow-up actions after a watch. Nowadays, more than 70% of businesses satisfy with the performance of their online video marketing. These prove, and statistical data suggest that video advertising is beneficial for any online business and help to boost its reputation among potential customers. That is why you also need to use this opportunity to your benefit. In this article, we will talk about some techniques video SEO companies provide and learn how to implement them for our websites.

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Tips on using video to improve search engine optimization

There is the same optimization axiom with any website content whether it is textual content or video. It won’t be reached by your potential customers unless it can be found. The following tips will help you to use video for your SEO benefit.

First of all, make your video short but full of quality information. The optimal video length is less than four minutes. After the fourth minute, the engagement rate will fall. Your video should be bright and engaging to make user watch it till the end. So, you need to give some interesting information at the beginning of your video to entice a person and keep this interest until the last minute. Moreover, you need to present your business in such a way to make a person follow your domain link.

You also need to create rich-video snippets with your most targeted keywords. It serves as thumbnail beside the description of the content on the page. Rich snippets will enable you to rank higher on SERP according to Google Hummingbird update. Moreover, you need to submit a video XML sitemap to make your site pages indexed with a video rich snippets.

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To help search bots crawl your content for relevance, you can transcribe your script. It is the best option to let search engines parse your video content for meaning and give your video as a relevant result for a user’s query.

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