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How can I reach out to B2B buyers using SEO?

Nowadays, it’s already a common situation when every digital marketer is using SEO to increase return on investments, and drive more revenues. For already a couple of years, Search Engine Optimization in its modern sense has been equipped by B2B marketers as a secret weapon for making ultra-quality content standing out of the competition. I mean that using SEO to create a brand name’s voice and shape its online presence can help not only reach out to B2B buyers but to have a nearly physical control over every stage of their usual online journey for deciding to make a final purchase after all.

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Apparently, using SEO to connect content marketing with B2B buyers has been recently proven to be even more effective than most of us could ever think. According to the recent estimate, a smart marketer using SEO to address to the target audience of undeveloped clients, or an individual market niche can deliver a truly impressive 80% boost to upsells and cross-sells. Considering such a promising prospect, let’s have a look at the process of using SEO to reach out B2B buyers step by step.

Know the Ropes of B2B Buyers

First of all, you should understand and delve into the buyer’s journey to know the peculiarities of your target audience, with all needs, wants, intentions, and any other sentiments prevailing your potential clients. Before anything else, I recommend setting a discussion with your team on the following bullet points:

  • What issues or joint problems are usually faced by your buyers?
  • What factors (internal or external) drive your buyers to wonder for a solution?
  • In what way are they commonly exploring the new opportunities or solutions?
  • What content type is more likely to be matching their preferences in full?
  • What is the main checklist used by your buyers to compare different vendors (for example, pricing, customer support, service warranty, etc.)?

Have In-depth Research for Keywords

Once you estimated a journey of B2B buyers, you will have to act proactively. I mean using SEO here isn’t limited to a traditional keyword research. The thing is that as a professional marketer you will have to get an even more in-depth understanding of their most frequent questions apart from the keywords. Putting it in plain English, you should create the right content to be seen by the right people at the proper stage of their journey. Just think thoroughly about what exactly, when, and in what way you are going to represent each type of your content for a perfect match with the customer’s needs.

Create and Customize, Measure and Adjust

Whether you are creating new content or having a revision of the already existing one, keep your focus on trying to meet the user’s needs. Consider the following bullet points about the content. Are you working with the right format preferred by the audience? Are you addressing its right segment? Have you included the right CTAs for every stage of the buyer’s journey? How well is it running on portable devices like smartphones and tablets?

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For Conclusion

Yes, that could prove to be a daunting task, I should admit. But you should never rush to bring out any low-quality content. Otherwise, your hard work will simply make no sense - there’s no point using SEO for not entirely flawless content that is failing to keep your project on the move. That’s why don’t skimp paying more time and effort for measuring your current progress and deliver timely adjustments. After all, never hesitate to use as many different metrics as you can. That way, you can feel assured at least against the most severe problems giving a signal that your content is not working at all.

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