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Is it possible to obtain backlinks from Twitter?

To develop your business online is only half of the battle. After that, you need to make your site visible for search bots and of course for your potential clients. Fortunately, search engine optimization works for this purpose. Especially backlinks can help you to improve your brand awareness and attract a constant traffic flow to your website pages. To get in Google’s TOP results, among other things you need lots of high-quality backlinks from high PR sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and others. The signals from such high-authoritative websites show Google how popular your site is. Twitter is popular, reputable, and high PageRank social platform that can provide your site with a lot of quality link juice. Here you can generate a lot of high-quality backlinks without paying any cent. Everything you need is to compose an appealing tweet, insert backlinks to your domain in it, and if it is possible several relevant hashtags.  

In this article, we will discuss more detailed how to obtain backlinks to your site from Twitter. Hope, this information will help you to improve your website rankings and attract more potential customers. 

How to use your Twitter profile for links?

Twitter is a popular social platform that allows creating backlinks through it. It provides two places in your profile to add a website link. The first one is the primary profile field itself, and the second is within the 160 characters in Bio section. Moreover, you can get a link to the sites that pull data from Twitter profiles. Web sources that take information from Twitter include Twellow, Klout, TwitterCounter, Twitaholic, and Favstar. 

If you still do not have an account on these web sources, set up your Twitter profile or modify it to include links to your site in both website field and bio. Moreover, ask your clients do the same. 

There are several aspects you need to keep in mind building links on Twitter. First of all, the biggest amount of the links you can obtain on this social platform are nofollow. It means that they do not pass traffic to your site. However, nofollow links from high PR site still possess a great value to your site and show search engines that your domain deserves the highest rank on search result page. Another thing you should know about link building on Twitter is that all links here look like bold URL as opposed to links with keyword anchor text. That is why you need to make sure your URL is readable, clear and optimized. 

A process of creating links on Twitter consists of the following steps:

  • Log in to your Twitter account and tweet your link

You may use some entertaining and engaging text, not just a link. As soon as your tweet is posted, this information will be available for your followers. 

  • Add a hashtag before targeted keywords

It is significant to use hashtags before each substantial and high-volume keyword you want to rank by on SERP as users search Twitter implementing hashtags. By the way, you can also hashtag your links. 

  • Make your followers retweet your tweets

Your tweets should be catching, witty and even compromising to make users retweet it on their own. If you feel lack of talent in writing techniques, then simply ask your followers to retweet the link in the initial tweet.

  • Navigate to TweetMeme

TweetMeme is a web source that searches and retweets the most interesting tweets. So your primary purpose is to appear on this site pages, creating a memorizable tweet.  

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