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What are the TOP 10 web sources for backlinks generation?

Creating quality and engaging content is undoubtedly the best way to get free and organic backlinks to your site. Users by themselves will share your content on the web, adding it more value in the eyes of search engines. However, you can significantly improve your backlink profile by building links on the TOP10 Google websites. These web sources have the biggest PageRank and the highest authority on the web. While most webmasters and SEO specialists think that is is impossible to get links from such quality web sources, in reality, everything is much easier. You can obtain backlinks from TOP 10 web sources free. Everything you need is to be attentive and follow our short link building guide. So, let’s go on.   

TOP 10 quality backlink sites

  • Google Plus

Google Plus is a social platform owned by Google. Subsequently, it has the highest PageRank. Here you can build both dofollow(indexed by search crawlers) and nofollow(not indexed by search crawlers) backlinks. 

To obtain backlinks on Google Plus, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create a complete profile on Google+.
  • Click on Profile button and select About section. Here you will find Site Section. 
  • Click on Add button in link area. By doing that you will have an ability to add your site URL. 
  • By scrolling down the page, you will notice the contributor where you should repeat your brand name and URL.
  • To save everything click on Ok button. 
  • To get traffic from these links, click on lock icon at “Links” and “Contributor to.” Here you need to change the private view of the public one. 

That’s it. Now you have dofollow backlinks from one of the most influential platforms on Google. 

  • Facebook

Facebook is the globally popular social network with the comprehensive statistical indexes. It has 9 PageRank and 2 Alexa Rank. The total number of backlinks that point to Facebook is more than 7 million. Every day millions of new users from all over the world register in Facebook, and the same of people use it on a daily basis. In other words, Facebook is simply the biggest social platform in the world that provides excellent link building opportunities for businesses. 

To get backlinks from this PR9 social platform, you need to follow this short instruction:

  • Log into Facebook or create your business account if you do not have one;
  •  Then open a Facebook app which is called “Static HTML” and click on Add Static HTML to a page. Here you will see the new tab “Add page tab.” Select the page you want and click on “Add page tab.” 
  • By doing these manipulations, you will create a welcome app on your Facebook business page.
  • Click on this welcome app. Now, you have another Tab in which you need to click on Edit tab and insert here HTML code. You need to change the webpage URL and anchor text with your website URL and anchor text. To save this changes, you need to click on save button. 

The process of creating a dofollow backlink on Facebook is done. Now you can observe an increase in social traffic coming from this platform. 

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