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What to expect from the SEO company I want to hire?

Sometimes every smart online entrepreneur may just feel bored with that modest progress, and face the need for a massive improvement in online visibility to engage more potential customers. Yes, running the Search Engine Optimization strategy in a self-driven manner could become the best solution to put that commercial project on the right track, after all every business owner already has much stuff to do, and a lot of things to be worried about. So, going out to find a contractor seems quite a sound idea.

the seo company

But what to expect from the SEO company we already decided to hire, for example with a compelling portfolio? Let’s face it - all of them, perhaps like any other service provider, will assure you of their commitment to your business success, tell you of their reputable name, advanced expertise and deep understanding of every, even the puniest, aspect of the Search Engine Optimization like the technical optimization itself, online marketing, web development, responsive design, content strategy, social media, and so on. But what can we expect from the SEO company, which just promised to do all that stuff well, besides at a quite reasonable price?

Here are some suggestions about what things we can always expect from the SEO company after making a commitment to hire. So, consider the following to make a deal and get down to business.

Introductory meeting

Once you selected the SEO company to work on your project, you are going to have an opening meeting. It could be either a private meeting in a conference hall, a conversation by phone, or a brief discussion call via video. Anyway, there are some critical questions that should be answered before you finally sign a contract. And it would be better to prepare a question list in advance. I recommend starting with the following bullet points:.

  • Ask for more specific references or case studies for you to check and think over a bit later. I mean here the experienced and worthy search optimization provider must always be ready to show you some of its particularly unique approaches or individual actions to a specific successful SEO strategy.
  • Request a time frame estimate for your business to feel the first signs of the actual progress. Note, you must be very cautious and even suspicious here. The SEO company should give you a reasonably shaped time frame, according to its past results. It should never promise you any progress in days or weeks.
  • Make everything clear once again, don’t hesitate to repeat your questions on how long their core team of experts has been working in the industry. Also, request if there was any former experience in your subject or at least a relevant market niche.
  • Get to know if the SEO company is focused on any particular components of the Search Engine Optimization, or may work on digital marketing in a broad manner. Doing so, ask how many marketing specialists will be working on your project.

SEO Audit

Be sure to come to the introductory meeting with a list of such statements for consideration and make everything completely clear. Feel free to clarify all generalities, as well as the key arguments previously given you by the sales managers. Just compare them with the actual ones just pronounced by the SEO company representatives. In fact, something can often be mismatching here, so you’d better have a double-check to feel assured.

As your conversation with the representatives is coming to an end, you shouldn’t feel even the lightest air of frustration, particularly on the core subjects like billing cycles, time allotment, and the current general strategy of the search optimization.

Initial SEO Audit

The first thing to be done by the SEO company is running the Initial Audit for your website. Most commonly, the process can be compared with a would-be diagnosing your website’s SEO health conditions taken all in one.

Aside from the quality competency and experience level of the agency, the turnaround cycle for your SEO Audit will be generally determined by your site complexity, and as well as the size and amount of your web pages. Considering the Initial Audit, you should expect the SEO company for the following:

  • You will be requested to provide access to your Google Analytics account. Using different professional tools and precise frameworks the experts will need a limited access to your dashboard and website reports.    
  • The SEO company is likely to request the contact details on a person from your team, who will be in charge for SEO to be directly managing your account. Note, the more interactive is this conversation, the better. I mean you’d better agree on having conference calls for any core implementations, rather than just screen-sharing upon for suggestions.

seo company

Regular Conversation

The SEO company should never give you something like “to DO list”, as having a reliable and trustworthy search optimization provider means only regular communication, check-ins, and further discussions on the key findings. Doing so, you will always know how well things are going, because your mutual cooperation must still be only transparent and clear.

You should expect that the SEO company will give you a personal account manager to keep you posted on every wrong or suspicious occurrence upon happening throughout the full term of your contract. That way, the team will be able to work on troubleshooting and fixing any joint issues.

You will know that you have made the right choice on short notice. Every day the managers should be willing and ready to give you a clear discussion on any strategies and schemes already involved, or just considered for your website search optimization. That way, you will feel the ongoing discussion and support fully committed to your business prosperity. After all, there is the only thing remaining for you to remember - a global mission of the SEO company is to take a massive weight of SEO away from your shoulders so that you can be free to plug into some critical business issues, which are always waiting for a precise attention of the owner.

George Forrest
Thank you all for reading my article! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about hiring an SEO company.
Frank Richardson
Hi George, great article! What are some key questions we should ask when interviewing an SEO company?
Claire Thompson
Hi George, thanks for sharing your insights. How can we determine if an SEO company follows ethical practices?
Gregory Lee
Hey George, how long does it usually take to see results after hiring an SEO company?
Eliza Cox
Hi George, do you have any recommendations for finding a reputable SEO company?
George Forrest
Hi Frank, thanks for your question! When interviewing an SEO company, it's important to ask about their experience in your industry, their strategies for optimizing websites, and the specific tools they use for keyword research and analysis.
George Forrest
Hi Claire, ethical practices are crucial in the SEO industry. I suggest asking the company about their link building techniques, content creation process, and whether they adhere to search engine guidelines. You can also ask for client references to get an idea of their reputation.
George Forrest
Hey Gregory, the timeframe to see SEO results can vary depending on various factors like the competitiveness of your industry, the current state of your website, and the strategies implemented by the SEO company. Typically, it takes several months to start seeing noticeable improvements in search rankings.
George Forrest
Hi Eliza, finding a reputable SEO company can be challenging. I recommend looking for companies with a proven track record of success, positive client testimonials, and transparent communication. It's also helpful to ask for case studies and examples of past work.
Emily Peterson
George, what are some warning signs that an SEO company might not be trustworthy?
George Forrest
Hi Emily, some warning signs to watch out for include guarantees of overnight results, black hat SEO techniques, lack of transparency in their approach, and reluctance to provide references or answer specific questions. Trust your instincts and do thorough research before making a decision.
Sarah Thompson
Thanks for the information, George. What are your thoughts on SEO companies that promise to get you on the first page of Google?
Emily Harrison
George, what are the most effective content marketing strategies for SEO?
George Forrest
Hi Sarah, while ranking on the first page of Google is a goal for many businesses, it's important to approach companies that promise such guarantees with caution. SEO is a long-term strategy, and ranking depends on numerous factors. Reputable companies will focus on improving overall website visibility and driving organic traffic rather than making unrealistic promises.
Alex Cooper
George, how can we measure the success of an SEO campaign?
George Forrest
Hi Alex, measuring the success of an SEO campaign can be done through various metrics. Some key indicators include improved search rankings, increased organic traffic, higher conversion rates, and improved user engagement. Setting specific goals before starting the campaign and tracking progress accordingly is essential.
Robert Green
George, can you explain the concept of white hat SEO?
George Forrest
Hi Robert, white hat SEO refers to the use of ethical and recommended techniques to improve website visibility and rankings. It involves creating high-quality content, optimizing website structure, focusing on user experience, and following search engine guidelines. White hat SEO aims for long-term success and fosters trust with search engines and users.
Michael Reynolds
George, how can we ensure that an SEO company aligns with our business goals?
George Forrest
Hi Michael, to ensure alignment with your business goals, it's important to communicate your objectives clearly with the SEO company. They should understand your target audience, industry, and specific goals like increasing leads, improving brand visibility, or driving more sales. Regular communication and collaboration are key to achieving desired results.
Jessica Taylor
George, what are some common mistakes to avoid when implementing SEO strategies?
Michael Jones
George, what are some technical SEO elements we should consider for website optimization?
George Forrest
Hi Jessica, some common SEO mistakes to avoid include keyword stuffing, neglecting website load speed, overlooking mobile optimization, not optimizing meta tags and descriptions, and ignoring user experience. It's important to stay up-to-date with best practices and adapt strategies as search engine algorithms evolve.
Diana Evans
George, how can we differentiate between white hat and black hat SEO techniques?
George Forrest
Hi Diana, differentiating between white hat and black hat SEO techniques is crucial. White hat techniques focus on quality content, natural link building, proper website optimization, and following search engine guidelines. On the other hand, black hat techniques involve spammy tactics, keyword stuffing, buying links, and other manipulative practices that can harm your website's reputation in the long run.
Daniel Hughes
George, how can we optimize our website for local SEO?
George Forrest
Hi Daniel, optimizing a website for local SEO involves various strategies. You can start by including location-specific keywords in your content and meta tags, creating a Google My Business profile, getting listed in relevant local directories, and encouraging online reviews. Additionally, having consistent business information across platforms and optimizing for mobile is essential.
Julia Anderson
George, what are some red flags that might indicate an unreliable SEO company?
George Forrest
Hi Julia, some red flags to watch out for include companies that guarantee instant results, use undisclosed or black hat practices, lack transparency in their reporting, don't provide clear explanations, or have a poor online reputation. It's important to research and choose an SEO company with a trustworthy track record.
Sophia Clark
George, what can we do to maximize the effectiveness of an SEO campaign?
George Forrest
Hi Sophia, to maximize the effectiveness of an SEO campaign, it's vital to collaborate closely with the SEO company. Provide them with detailed information about your target audience, business goals, and any specific requirements. Regularly review progress, analyze data, and make necessary adjustments in strategy to optimize results.
Ethan Price
George, what factors should we consider while choosing an SEO company for an e-commerce website?
George Forrest
Hi Ethan, when choosing an SEO company for an e-commerce website, you should consider their expertise in optimizing online stores, their knowledge of e-commerce platforms, experience in managing product pages, and their ability to improve conversion rates. Additionally, ask about their past experience with e-commerce clients and the strategies they employ for online retailers.
Liam Thompson
George, are there any SEO strategies that can be harmful to our website's rankings?
George Forrest
Hi Liam, certain SEO strategies can harm your website's rankings. Keyword stuffing, buying low-quality backlinks, cloaking or hiding content from users, and using irrelevant or spammy keywords can lead to penalties from search engines. It's important to stay away from such practices and focus on providing valuable content and a great user experience.
Oliver White
George, what are the benefits of incorporating local SEO into our marketing strategy?
George Forrest
Hi Oliver, incorporating local SEO into your marketing strategy can have several benefits. It helps you target potential customers in specific geographic areas, enhances visibility in local search results, boosts foot traffic to physical locations, increases trust and credibility among local audiences, and drives higher conversion rates by reaching highly relevant leads.
George Forrest
Hi Emily, effective content marketing strategies for SEO include creating high-quality, original, and relevant content that aligns with your target audience's needs. Focus on keyword research, using long-tail keywords, optimizing meta tags and descriptions, incorporating multimedia elements, and promoting your content through social media and other channels. Regularly updating and refreshing your content is also beneficial.
Nathan Carter
Thanks, George. How often should we update our website's content for better SEO results?
George Forrest
Hi Nathan, updating your website's content regularly is important for SEO. It shows search engines that the website is active and provides fresh information to users. The frequency of updates can vary depending on your industry and content type, but aim for regular updates, whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Focus on adding value and improving existing content.
Samantha Wright
George, should we prioritize local SEO or global SEO for our business?
George Forrest
Hi Samantha, whether to prioritize local or global SEO depends on your business type and target audience. If you have a brick-and-mortar store or cater primarily to local customers, local SEO should be a priority. However, if your business operates entirely online or serves a broader audience, focusing on global SEO can help you reach a wider market.
William Clark
George, can you recommend any tools for finding a reputable SEO company?
George Forrest
Hi William, there are several tools to help you find reputable SEO companies. You can start with platforms like Clutch, UpCity, and SEMrush's Agency Directory. These platforms provide valuable insights, client reviews, and ratings. Additionally, you can seek recommendations from industry peers, attend SEO conferences, and conduct thorough research before making a decision.
Olivia Roberts
George, what are some best practices for on-page optimization?
William Lewis
George, what are some signs that indicate an SEO company's strategies are outdated?
George Forrest
Hi Olivia, some best practices for on-page optimization include using relevant keywords naturally in page titles, headings, URLs, and meta descriptions. Optimize your content by adding internal and external links, using descriptive alt tags for images, ensuring fast load times, and prioritizing mobile responsiveness. Don't forget to optimize your site structure, navigation, and XML sitemaps for easy crawling by search engines.
Brandon Reed
Thanks for sharing, George. How important is mobile optimization for SEO?
George Forrest
Hi Brandon, mobile optimization is crucial for SEO. With the increasing use of smartphones, search engines prioritize mobile-friendly websites and consider mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor. Mobile optimization improves user experience, reduces bounce rates, and ensures that your website is accessible to a wider audience. It's essential to have a responsive design and fast loading speed on mobile devices.
Thomas Mitchell
George, how long should we continue working with an SEO company to maintain our rankings?
George Forrest
Hi Thomas, SEO is an ongoing process, and it's recommended to continuously work with an SEO company to maintain and improve your rankings. Changes in search algorithms, competitors' strategies, and shifting market trends require ongoing optimization efforts. Collaborate with your SEO agency to develop long-term strategies and regular monitoring to consistently stay ahead of the competition.
Christopher Scott
George, how can we evaluate the performance of an SEO company before deciding to work with them?
George Forrest
Hi Christopher, evaluating the performance of an SEO company can be done through various methods. You can ask for case studies showcasing their past successes, request client references, and check online reviews and ratings. Additionally, engaging in detailed discussions about their strategies, communication process, reporting, and transparency can help you assess their professionalism and expertise.
Adam Turner
George, how can we measure the ROI of our SEO efforts?
George Forrest
Hi Adam, measuring the ROI of your SEO efforts is crucial. You can track conversion rates and the increase in organic traffic that leads to sales or desired actions. Use analytics tools to monitor keyword rankings, website traffic, engagement metrics, and revenue generated. Assess the costs involved in SEO services and compare them with the benefits achieved through improved search visibility and business growth.
Connor Hill
George, what are the typical costs involved in hiring an SEO company?
George Forrest
Hi Connor, the costs of hiring an SEO company vary depending on multiple factors. Factors like the size of your website, the level of competition in your industry, the scope of the project, and the specific services required can impact pricing. Generally, SEO companies offer various packages or custom pricing based on your needs. It's best to request quotes and compare offerings from different companies before making a decision.
Alice Brown
George, how can we ensure that an SEO company stays up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies?
George Forrest
Hi Alice, a reputable SEO company should keep up with the latest industry trends and strategies. You can ask them how they stay updated with algorithm changes, attend industry conferences, invest in continuous learning and certifications, and actively participate in SEO communities. Their ability to adapt their strategies based on evolving search engine guidelines and market conditions is essential for long-term success.
Grace Turner
George, is it necessary to provide content for an SEO campaign, or can the SEO company handle that too?
Alice Evans
George, how soon can we expect to see improvement in our website's rankings after implementing SEO strategies?
George Forrest
Hi Grace, providing content for an SEO campaign depends on various factors. While some SEO companies offer content creation services, it's often beneficial to collaborate and provide insights about your business, industry knowledge, and specific target audience preferences. Your involvement can ensure that the content aligns with your brand and meets your business goals.
Jackson Cox
George, can you explain the concept of gray hat SEO?
George Forrest
Hi Jackson, gray hat SEO falls between white hat and black hat techniques. Gray hat practices may include strategies that are technically within search engine guidelines but may push the boundaries or be considered manipulative. While some gray hat techniques may provide short-term gains, they can pose risks to your website's reputation and long-term rankings. It's best to focus on white hat SEO for sustainable success.
Ruby Price
George, how can we verify the success stories and testimonials provided by an SEO company?
George Forrest
Hi Ruby, verifying the success stories and testimonials of an SEO company is important. You can request case studies with specific data on how they helped clients achieve their goals. Look for testimonials that provide measurable results and check if they are from reputable sources. Additionally, you can reach out to the company's past clients directly to get their feedback and hear about their experiences.
Lucy Adams
George, besides Google Analytics, are there any other tools to analyze SEO performance?
George Forrest
Hi Lucy, besides Google Analytics, there are several other tools to analyze SEO performance. Some popular options include Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Screaming Frog. These tools provide valuable insights into keyword rankings, backlink profiles, competitor analysis, site audits, and more. Depending on your specific needs and budget, you can find the most suitable tools for analyzing and optimizing your SEO efforts.
Peter Wilson
George, what are your thoughts on SEO companies that claim to have a special relationship with search engines?
George Forrest
Hi Peter, it's important to be cautious with SEO companies that claim to have a special relationship with search engines. Search engine algorithms are complex and constantly updated, and no company has exclusive partnerships that guarantee preferential treatment. Reputable SEO companies rely on their expertise, ethical practices, and data-driven strategies, rather than making dubious claims.
Zoe Turner
George, can you explain the concept of schema markup and its impact on SEO?
George Forrest
Hi Zoe, schema markup is a structured data vocabulary that helps search engines understand the content on your website more effectively. It provides additional context by tagging elements like products, reviews, events, recipes, and more. Implementing schema markup can improve how search engines display your website's information in organic search results, leading to enhanced visibility and potentially higher click-through rates.
Henry Walker
Thanks for the explanation, George. Can you recommend any schema markup tools?
George Forrest
Hi Henry, there are several schema markup tools available to simplify implementation. Google's Structured Data Markup Helper and's Markup Generator are popular ones. These tools allow you to select the type of data you want to mark up and provide a structured template to generate the code. Remember to test and validate your schema markup using Google's Structured Data Testing Tool.
David Garcia
George, how important are backlinks in SEO, and how can we acquire high-quality backlinks?
George Forrest
Hi David, backlinks play a crucial role in SEO. They are like votes of trust and relevance from other websites. To acquire high-quality backlinks, focus on creating valuable and shareable content that naturally attracts links. Build relationships with influencers, participate in industry-related forums, guest blog on reputable websites, and ensure that your website's content is worthy of earning backlinks. Avoid purchasing or participating in link schemes, as they can harm your website's ranking.
Victoria Powell
George, how can we evaluate the expertise and credibility of an SEO company?
George Forrest
Hi Victoria, evaluating the expertise and credibility of an SEO company can be done through several means. Consider factors like their experience in the industry, certifications or awards received, client testimonials and case studies, and the transparency of their reporting and communication. Assess their knowledge of current SEO trends and algorithms, and don't hesitate to ask detailed questions about their methodologies and strategies.
Isabella Turner
George, how important is user experience in SEO?
George Forrest
Hi Isabella, user experience (UX) is important in SEO. Search engines prioritize websites that deliver a great UX. Factors like page load speed, mobile-friendliness, easy navigation, engaging and relevant content, and intuitive user interface contribute to a positive user experience. By focusing on UX, you improve user satisfaction, reduce bounce rates, and increase the chances of users staying longer on your website, leading to improved search rankings.
George Forrest
Hi Michael, technical SEO elements are crucial for website optimization. Some key factors to consider include optimizing website speed, enhancing crawlability and indexability, improving site structure and navigation, using structured data markup, optimizing XML sitemaps, using proper canonical tags, ensuring mobile responsiveness, and implementing HTTPS security. Technical SEO ensures search engines can effectively access, crawl, and understand your website's content.
Jacob Murphy
Thanks for the insights, George. What methods should we use for optimizing website speed?
George Forrest
Hi Jacob, optimizing website speed is crucial for better user experience and SEO. To improve speed, consider using a reliable web hosting provider, optimize image sizes and formats, minify CSS and JavaScript files, enable browser caching, reduce the number of HTTP requests, and utilize content delivery networks (CDNs). Regularly monitor your website's speed using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and make necessary optimizations accordingly.
George Forrest
Hi William, some signs of outdated SEO strategies include overemphasis on exact match keywords, excessive focus on quantity over quality of backlinks, ignoring user experience factors, spammy guest posting, and neglecting social media and content marketing. Additionally, if an SEO company is not up-to-date with the latest algorithm changes or industry trends, it's a red flag that their strategies may not be effective in the current SEO landscape.
Harper Allen
George, how can we ensure that an SEO company provides regular updates and reports?
George Forrest
Hi Harper, ensuring regular updates and transparent reporting from an SEO company is essential. Before hiring, discuss their reporting frequency, the data they include in their reports, and how they communicate progress. Set clear expectations about what metrics and insights you want to see in the reports. Regular communication and a collaborative approach will ensure you stay informed about the progress and results of your SEO campaigns.
Alexandra Price
George, how can we identify the right keywords to target for our SEO campaign?
George Forrest
Hi Alexandra, identifying the right keywords is crucial for an effective SEO campaign. Start by understanding your target audience and their search intent. Brainstorm relevant keywords and phrases they may use to find your products or services. Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Moz's Keyword Explorer to explore search volumes, competition levels, and related keywords. Focus on a mix of high-volume keywords and long-tail keywords with lower competition.
Jayden Bell
George, how can we ensure that an SEO company follows ethical link building practices?
George Forrest
Hi Jayden, ensuring that an SEO company follows ethical link building practices is crucial. You can ask them about their approach to acquiring backlinks, whether they pursue natural link opportunities, focus on high-quality sources, and avoid link schemes or paid link exchanges. Additionally, inquire about their content marketing strategies and how they attract organic links through the creation of valuable, shareable content.
Justin King
George, how can we differentiate between genuine SEO expertise and empty marketing claims?
George Forrest
Hi Justin, differentiating between genuine SEO expertise and empty marketing claims can be challenging. Look for specific examples and case studies that demonstrate their experience and results. Genuine SEO experts will provide actionable insights instead of vague promises. Ask about their thought leadership in the industry, their contributions to reputable publications and conferences, and the certifications or qualifications they hold.
Gabriel Rodriguez
George, what are the key considerations for optimizing product pages for better SEO?
George Forrest
Hi Gabriel, optimizing product pages is essential for better SEO. Ensure your product pages have unique and descriptive titles, incorporate relevant keywords in headings and content, provide detailed and accurate product descriptions, optimize image alt attributes, implement user reviews and ratings, enable social sharing buttons, and include structured data markup. Enhance user experience by making the purchase process smooth and seamless.
Leo Phillips
Thanks, George. Should we include pricing information on our product pages for better SEO?
George Forrest
Hi Leo, including pricing information on product pages can be beneficial for both users and SEO. It helps users make informed decisions and reduces bounce rates. Search engines may also display price-related rich snippets in search results, making your listings more visible and attractive. However, consider your business model and competitive dynamics before exposing pricing if it might negatively impact your conversion rates or pricing strategies.
George Forrest
Hi Alice, the timeline to see improvement in your website's rankings depends on various factors, such as the competitiveness of your industry, the state of your website, and the efforts put into SEO. Generally, visible improvements can start to appear within a few months, but it's important to understand that SEO is a long-term strategy that requires consistent effort and continuous optimization to achieve sustained results.
Noah Powell
George, how can we optimize our website's SEO for voice search?
George Forrest
Hi Noah, optimizing your website for voice search is becoming increasingly important. Focus on using more conversational and natural language in your content. Optimize for long-tail keywords that reflect how people speak and ask questions. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly. Aim to provide direct, concise answers to common questions. Structured data markup can also help search engines understand and display your content in voice search results.

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