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Semalt: Five Awesome Text Scraping Applications For Journalists

A journalist collects, writes and distributes content on a regular basis. He/she mainly focuses on general issues, political issues, or natural disasters. Most journalists cover news within the world of entertainment, while the others talk about games and sports. A journalist has to undertake multiple text scraping tasks at the same time; he/she not only extracts data but also ensures its accuracy and legitimacy to an extent. Journalists sometimes expose themselves to danger and write news articles to engage more and more readers. If you want to become a journalist and lack the basic programming skills, you can use the following applications to get your work done.

1. Scraper:

Scraper is one of the best and most useful text and image scraping services. It is easy-to-use and comes with a user-friendly interface. With Scraper, journalists can target multiple web pages at the same time and extract data from entire or partial sites. Scraper is best known for its machine learning technology and extracts plain text from CNN, BBC and other similar news websites. You can then export this data to Google Docs, CSV or JSON files. It uses XPath to evaluate quality of texts.

2. Outwit Hub:

Outwit Hub is suitable for both journalists and non-programmers. You don't need to learn Python, C++ or Ruby to get benefited from this application. It is mainly a Firefox extension and scrapes text files, PDFs, HTML documents and images for you. Outwit Hub gives accurate results and can be used to index different websites conveniently.

3. Scraperwiki:

You can use Scraperwiki to extract data from Wikipedia pages, online journals, news websites and e-commerce sites. It is a browser-based application that provides error-free results instantly. If you don't have any coding knowledge, Scraperwiki is the right option for you. With this service, journalists can scrape the entire site and download the data to their hard drives in a matter of seconds. Classic version of Scraperwiki is suitable for app developers, freelancers and webmasters.

4. is one of the best and most useful text scraping services on the internet. It helps journalists search for trending topics, extract data accurately and publish it on their own news websites within minutes. With, you can scrape both text and JPG files. Once installed and activated, this tool will undertake up to two thousand text scraping projects at a time. It does a pretty good job of fetching content from given URLs and lets you parse data without any issue.

5. Kimono Labs:

Just like, Kimono Labs targets a large number of sites. It acts as a full-scale text scraper and web crawler on the internet. You just have to mention the URL you want to extract information from, and Kimono Labs will get desired results in a few minutes. It is best known for its machine learning technology and digs around the internet to find suitable topics for journalists. You can save the image and text files to Google Docs or download them directly to your computer.

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