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Semalt: Tricks Spammers Use To Thrive?

Michael Brown, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, says that it doesn't matter how careful you are, spam will always get spam emails in your inbox. What is hard to understand is how spammers manage to get all that email addresses. Although you can take some preventative measures, there is little you can do with the issue. In the long run, spammers always find a way to get you email address. Users simply fail to understand the reason behind this malicious practice.

Canada's Voxbox World Telecom Inc is not considered to be a profitable company. However, spammers do not seem to care about that. A spammer who calls himself Francis hyped this company in mail messages. Francis simply purchased stocks from Voxbox and then decided to send spammy messages to find a greedy recipient and resell his shares at a profit.

Such "dump and pump" stock scheme is becoming very popular. Even if you have spam filters, spammers always find a way to avoid them ensuring that their spam emails are delivered to the intended recipient. They prefer to use the strategy mentioned above since it allows them to succeed without having links to a website they are going to spam. All they need is a message hyping a stock.

The research conducted by Jonathan Zittrain, Oxford University professor and Laura Frieder, Purdue University assistant professor, has shown that the reason why spammers thrive is that these schemes do work! If everything goes according to the plan, they make about 5 percent return while those who managed to buy their stock lose nearly 7 percent of their investments.

The good news is that you can use a simple yet effective method to get rid of spammers. First of all, you have to delete the spam. No matter how nice and tempting the offer is, resist it and do not buy the stock. Because the majority of people buy it just because they do not understand that it is spam. And always remember that the try to make a quick buck can play tricks on you.

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