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Does Small Business Need Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing (or SEM) plays a vital role in any successful online marketing strategy. It has been proven many times that SEM is a perfect option for small businesses whose primary goal is to increase their website visibility in SERPs. SEM focuses on bringing your prospects directly to your resource through Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines.

What’s great about SEM is that this form of Internet marketing is less expensive than most traditional offline marketing techniques. SEM effectively protects and expands small businesses online presence by targeting potential clients exactly when they are searching for the type of goods your company provides.

small business search engine marketing

Components of Search Engine Marketing

It’s no surprise that search engine marketing for small businesses works best when it takes a comprehensive approach. The SEM experts recommend that you include all of the following elements in your search engine marketing strategy:  

  • Search Engine Optimization (or SEO): Gives better placement to web pages that Google considers relevant and authoritative. When implemented correctly, SEO increases your chances of being found when prospects search for a product or service similar to yours.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising: Allows business owners to buy ads on Google based on carefully chosen key phrases. The fee you pay is usually determined by the number of times web users click on your ads.
  • Local SEO: Brings traffic in through location-based searching. Boosts your site’s traffic and connects you with more qualified local prospects through geographic targeting.
  • Reputation Management: Monitors your social media presence, including online reviews on different platforms, blog posts, tweets and other social networks. Benefits small businesses by correcting inaccurate information. Takes steps to ensure your customers feel heard. It's crucial that you respond appropriately and encourage your customers to post loyal reviews.

small business seo

How Can Small Businesses Benefit From Search Engine Marketing?

Search engines have significantly evolved over the years, and so did effective SEM. Nowadays, a vast amount of links to your resource matters less than the quality of those links. Long story short, the website that links to your resource should be valuable to your business as well as respected in your business industry.

For a real estate business, a link from the site for a popular insurance agency, for example, carries more weight than a link from a fashion blog or websites with spammy content.

There are numerous ways how you can increase your link quality. Semalt experts recommend that you stick to the next ones:

  • Generating fresh and helpful content on a regular basis, be it articles, blog posts, case studies, white papers or even explanatory videos;
  • Inserting keywords naturally in the content;
  • Making your content shareable;
  • Leveraging connections with local companies to gain backlinks from their sites;
  • Creating a local resource page that provides information on small businesses or events in your area, so that other local sites will link to your website page.

Wrapping Up

If you want to be sure that people find your site quickly when they need your products or services, then you better consider search engine marketing.

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