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What do I need to know about my site for my search engine optimization to be successful?

Have you ever wondered what SEO means? Of course, most of us can read a general definition of this term in Google. However, SEO means different things to different people. While some website owners understand the term of search engine optimization as managing a relationship with search engines through advertising channels and analytical software, others take SEO as the optimized content creation and link building.

site engine optimization

In reality, to understand SEO essence, you need to have some experience in this sphere. Search engine optimization is a combination of quality and unique content, technical fundamentals (website coding and inner structure), user perfect experience with a domain and authority in Google. There are more than 200 Google standards you need to follow while improving your site visual presence. By considering all these criteria in the process of building website optimization campaign, you will be able to attract targeted traffic from search engines and get to the TOP of search results.

Let us discuss what do you need to consider about your site for search engine optimization to be successful.

Site essentials you need to consider for better SEO

Most webmasters focus their efforts on keyword research and their correct placement throughout the page. However, if you have been working on your keywords optimization but still do not have visible results, you should consider other factors that affect SEO rankings.

Google algorithm not only rates your keywords relevance and metadata optimization but also evaluate information such as the average time users spend your site, the number of pages they look through, bounce rate, unavailable pages, broken links and so on.

The only way to raise a conversion rate and getting users to stay on your site is to improve their experience with your site. As user’s experience is a significant Google ranking factor, you need to focus a significant proportion of your time and efforts to make your site easy to navigate and maximally relevant to the certain query.

To improve users experience and make your site SEO-friendly, consider the following site engine optimization techniques.

  • Responsive design

Your web page should be responsive to well respond to the size of the user’s device. After the recent Google update, website responsiveness becomes a must-have SEO technique which is associated with an online business success. You need to provide an optimal layout of sites on mobile and tablet devices that may have otherwise shown up as the desktop version of a web page.

By creating a responsive design, you receive an opportunity to target the biggest amount of your potential customers as the most search made from mobile devices. If you build a new website, it needs to be responsive to improve rankings and attract more visitors. If your current web page is not responsive, you can retrofit responsiveness or install a mobile-friendly plugin.

site seo

  • Accessibility

You need to make your site inclusive for all users. A website accessibility requires well-optimized ALT tags on all images. It will help you to tell all users about your content and engage them following your site. Moreover, accessibility is all about proper usage of header tags such as H1 for leading header and H2 for sub-headers. These tags help to structure the content and make it easy to crawl for both search bots and readers.

Such navigational feature as breadcrumbs assist disabled users and help them to understand where they are in the hierarchy of your site. Moreover, a quality established sitemap enables all users and search engines to get a complete view of your site.

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