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What SEO Tips Your Site Can Give Me?

At Semalt, we think SEO only works when you use a comprehensive approach. Just optimizing your page titles and meta description is not enough. SEO is also about site speed, user experience, and great content. Today, I will share with you SEO tips that will skyrocket your website. Keep reading to discover them all.

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Outstanding SEO tips to improve the ranking of your website:

Generate smart content

The reason web users stay on some websites longer is that they are interested. How do you get them excited and involved? The answer is simple: by producing useful and engaging content that brings value. When creating content for your website, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Use clear and simple language when engaging in deep topics;
  • Refer to the reader. Use pronouns to speak directly to your reader;
  • Use humor. Remember, a smiling reader is one who’s paying attention and eager to read on;
  • Use the best quality images and videos on your website. They make your website more memorable and help achieve an emotional connection with the readers.  

It has been proven that personalized content remarkably improves the performance of your website and the engagement of your visitors.

Make successful site structure your top priority

Try to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible. Convince them that there is much more to explore. This is needed to prevent that click back to the search result pages which is also called a bounce. As you might know, a high bounce rate can have a negative influence on your SEO. It indicates to search engines that your website is not answering your visitors’ search query.

Building structure that is clearly reflected on your page is the best way to prevent a bounce. Focus on optimizing your website menu for users and search engines. Also, do keyword research. Remember, setting up the right site structure is all about making it as clear as possible. Make sure it reflects your menu. By building a hierarchical site structure, ensure that search engines can efficiently crawl your pages and visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

Work on your website speed

Website loading speed is another thing that impacts your SEO. Users don’t like waiting for your content to load. Therefore, when optimizing your site, make sure that your pages load in 2 seconds or less. Check Google’s PageSpeed Insights service to see what they advise you to do. Also, take a look at the size of your page. Try to shave off as much as you can by compressing code and images.

What goes for site speed, goes for your mobile website as a whole — it should be fast, but it should also be well-crafted and have a good navigation, so users and Google can find what they are looking for in a heartbeat.

seo for site


As you can understand, almost all optimization you do for your users has a positive effect on your SEO. Hope you liked recommendations listed above. Put these SEO tips into practice and see what happens to your site rankings.

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