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SEO submission: How to make my website more visible in Google search results?

If you have accomplished your site developing and optimization, then it’s time to present it to the world. However, you should first make some procedures to get your site listed on Google. This guide will help you to improve your online presence by submitting your site to Google.

search engine optimization submission

Google’s crawling process

First, let us discuss how Google finds our website content. This search engine uses special search bots which crawl all content collected on the Internet to give the most relevant answer to user’s query. Firstly, Google search bots check a list of previously generated website URLs. Then bots enhance those pages with sitemap data. These data are provided by Google search console. Google crawlers look for the new web pages within your sitemap and index them. The most relevant results become visible in search results. Google evaluates your web pages according to more than 200 categories. That is why you should optimize your site for search.

Search engine optimization submission

It is strongly recommended to submit your website pages to search engines as it helps to improve Google rankings and get the first positions in SERP.

If you just finished a process of your site developing, you should verify it with Google Search Console. Then you need to create a sitemap file to let Google bots find your pages. To make everything correctly follow my instructions.

On the initial stage, you need to add your website to Google list. Firstly, you need to insert your site URL in a box and then click on “Add property” button.

The next step will be to verify your site. There is a variety of verification methods (domain name provider, HTML file upload, HTML tag, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager). You may select only one option, for instance, HTML tag.

To make HTML tag verification, you need to copy the meta tag given by Google into your site’s home page. It should obviously place in the head section. To stay verified, you should not remove this tag from your site. To insert this meta tag in your website code, I recommend using WordPress SEO Plugin.

To complete a process of HTML tag verification, go back to Google Webmaster Tool and click red button “Verify.” If your website is successfully verified, you will see a green check mark.

seo submission

On the second stage, you should submit an updated sitemap. First, you need to open a section “Crawl Tab” and choose “Sitemaps.” Insert there your sitemap URL and click on “Submit” button. Notice that sitemap verification takes one day or more. When this process is completed, Google will start automatically crawling your website.

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