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How to perform technical on site audit?

Every e-commerce project needs a well-built website, as it forms the very basis for positive customer experience to convert your visitor into a real buyer. Most commonly, a website optimization process covers such aspects as search engine optimization and content marketing. To check the results of any marketing campaign, webmasters perform SEO site audits. Site audit helps to identify any existing weaknesses and eliminate them. However, to make a quality on site audit requires a particular experience in digital marketing and a good business understanding. Let us enumerate what you should check before starting on site audit.

seo site audit

SEO site audit components

  • Website design
Your site must be born with fast loading pages. Every aspect of your platform should deliver only flawless performance. In general terms, a website should be placed on separate URLs for landing pages, and other components. Google may penalize those sites, which don’t respond fast and prevents them from any positive ranking. In fact, loading speed depends on just two factors - website server and coding itself. It means your content management system (CMS) should provide an adequate frequency rate to grant your site a smooth run.

When shaping up a website design and structure, make sure to avoid massive codes. The heavier your system, the slower page loading speed is going to be. Though all images displayed on your pages should be of a small file size, they must possess a decent resolution at the same time.

  • Mobile responsiveness
Since the recent update (dated 2017 January), Google has been awarding every website with a mobile friendly interface through ranking. These sites occupy some of the top ranks on a SERP by particular keywords. Forbes website SEO tips recommend that a site should load individual pages for mobile devices. This enhancement can make a mobile visitor chose to purchase on your site, impacting positively on the sales.

on site audit

  • Redirecting

Some of the error and header codes which the website design presents can have solutions. For instance, error 404 or other down times can hurt your SEO efforts. Moreover, these hitches can make your customers start considering other options, hence making you lose to your competitors. In other situations, the website design may have some duplicate content. Duplicate content can make the site rank poorly due to the presence of multiple URLs pointing to a similar product. As a result, there is shared traffic, reducing the authority of your web pages. Such problems require simple 301 redirects hence correcting the pending issue on your website. Thus, can make your site remain running even on an instance of downtime. Your customers can remain loyal due to the way site performance is high.

In closing

Every website needs to have a good online visibility as well as other aspects of the site. An entrepreneur may need to have a SEO friendly website to perform well on a SERP. This performance is one of the factors which makes websites rank high and attract new customers. The following SEO tips can help you to provide a quality SEO site audit and make all necessary adjustments to the entire marketing strategy and website layout. 

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