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How I can benefit from using search engine platforms?

Nowadays, a lot of online merchants decide to make website optimization in-house as it is much more cheaply and sometimes brings the same positive results as outsource optimization. To work faster and consistently, you need to the right SEO platform at your disposal. You will be amazed how much time you will save working with an excellent optimization tool and what the differences to your site it can make. If you exactly know what type of optimization do you need, SEO software will allow you to build more advanced and quality optimization campaign without hiring SEO experts. If you are now in the search for a good e-commerce SEO platform for your online business, we advise you to pay your attention to several forefront platforms - Magento and OpenCart. In this article, we will discuss some pros and cons of both SEO platforms and provide you with relevant information about prices, services and primary features of these two platforms.

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Magento and OpenCart SEO platforms

  • Basic Services/Features

Magento SEO platform is highly rich in features. It provides website owners with build-n functions that help them to manage their overall store functionality. Magento provides such significant for e-commerce site development tools - search engine optimization, link building, marketing, website management, catalog management and so on. Magento search engine optimization tool includes the following services: search engine compatibility, website submission to Google, URLs optimization, search results rewriting and redirection, site-map generation, keywords auto research and customer attributes sorting. However, with this great power comes great complexity which may backfire for an uninformed person. You should be experienced in web development to operate this platform freely.

However, there is a good alternative to Magento - OpenCart e-commerce SEO system. It is more user-friendly, but less advanced website management system. It also provides an impressive shopping cart layout and quality optimization services which you may implement without in-depth technical know-how at every step of the process. However, I should note that to develop any extensions or customize OpenCart you need to know the basics of PHP and MySQL. OpenCart CMS provides website owners with quality optimization services as well as unique and relevant data (documentation, forums, articles).

  • Price policy

Magento as well an OpenCart are positioned as free e-commerce SEO platforms. However, you need to pay a fee for hosting services. Moreover, some extensions are also paid. Other expenses occur when your requirements go beyond the out of box Magento Community or Magento Enterprise edition functionality, for the Magento Enterprise license, development, design, and customization. OpenCart provides more affordable prices than Magento and does not require costly hosting services. If you have a small or medium e-commerce store, OpenCart is what you need as it helps to avoid unnecessary costs.

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  • Support services

Both Magento and OpenCart provide their users with quality support services. Magento is considered as more user-friendly as it provides the sheer volume of support on hand. However, OpenCart has a very convenient administrative dashboard where all of the menus are straightforward and user-friendly.

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