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What to do when SEO company boosts rankings ignoring some on-site errors?

Unfortunately, not all every SEO company improves rankings entirely organically and thoroughly. That’s why still trusting your Search Engine Optimization provider without too many concerns, you must always keep an eye on your website actual performance to know everything is alright for sure. What to do, if you are still feeling a little suspicious? What if it seems that some on-site errors you detected last week are still not fixed? Don’t skimp on paying some extra dollars so that you can be tracking your page statistics and in what way SEO company drives your rankings. 

Let’s see everything you should know about the primary signals that it is time to finally fire your current Search Engine Optimization provider. The earlier you detect a misperformance, the quicker you will be able to start doing some productive stuff for your pages instead. Here are the most common alarming signs of malfunction showing that your current SEO company and rankings of your website aren’t as elegant as they had to.

Main signs

First of all, if you understand that your SEO company boosts rankings of your website by having something in bulk or doing any stuff in a self-driven manner, you should be alarmed. Most obviously, they are violating the main guidelines by Google. That way, there is a severe threat looming over your website ranking - starting from Google’s penalties, and up to fully deindexing your domain authority. Seems scary, eh? No to say that your current performance driven by any shady or tricky techniques are hardly able to give you anyhow lasting progress. What’s more - it is often too difficult to fix that all broken stuff after such an unscrupulous works. And, of course, you may be just wasting your money on scamps, because SEO company manipulating rankings is nothing but a crew of scamps.

seo company rankings

Here are the main signs to fire your current SEO provider on short notice:

  • your cooperation with started with a seemingly spammy e-mail letter
  • too quick progress on article submissions or directory listings
  • innumerable count of blog comments appearing in a self-driven manner
  • automated social bookmarking
  • you are asked to link back to any other websites in the sidebar widgets or the footer
  • SEO company promises you rankings on a particular position in Google’s list of the SERPs for your primary keywords
  • either page content or the anchor texts look like over-optimized and overstuffed with keywords and keyphrases
  • your SEO provider doesn’t seem willing to clearly explain what stuff it’s actually doing.

If you have detected one of the following stuff done by your SEO company for rankings improvement, you’d better put your cooperation to an end. Trust me that would be better for you. Seriously, everyone wants to rank first for the main keywords. Though, dealing with SEO providers that make false promises means that they are ready to do literally anything, just to have a new client caught on board, including lying to your face like a rug seller.

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