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Is that true that SEO and content marketing must act together?

It’s quite a disputable question about SEO and content marketing. And there is a lot of confusion about their right use. Some webmasters believe they both are perfectly fitting together, the others still believe they are at odds. So, let’s try to find out if there are strong relations between SEO and content marketing, or nothing to it.

seo and content marketing

Before anything else, let’s try to get an opposite suggestion. What if SEO and content marketing are not acting together? That would be terribly wrong, I should admit. Of course, there are many differences between them. Yes, there are even some critical areas where SEO and content marketing are entirely distinguished. So, let’s face it - while both of them got several differentiation points, it’s still impossible to divide them into two separate parts. I believe that observing every single difference between them would make no sense. Instead of that I suggest focusing our attention to this possibly simplest yet enough clear comparison.

Here is a brief list of bullet points:

  • Broad content marketing is more comprehensive. Technical search engine optimization is narrower and more targeted.
  • SEO and content marketing are perfectly going hand-in-hand. Search engine optimization is making demands to be fulfilled by maintaining a comprehensive content marketing strategy.
  • Think broader about SEO - use its specific technical features to integrate them into content marketing. From the other hand, a successful content marketing strategy will need a double check to match with the technical demands of search engine optimization.
  • Content marketing is all about keywords, long-tail key phrases, quality writings, informative content, and so on. So, let’s face it - the very essence of content marketing is a practical implementation of technical SEO, that demands content in its own way.
  • Search engine optimization is betting on keyword research, making the right use of them, as well as tracking the ranking for those keywords on the SERPs. Content marketing stands for using the keywords, I mean their practical application through the right strategy to combine the keyword density with natural and high-quality writing friendly for live people.
  • SEO will require web pages to be embedded with backlinks. Content marketing helps to provide quality links by publishing a top-notch content that would be interesting for people and engage the masses of links with more traffic.
  • Search engine optimization is a wholly consistent doing that requires a non-stop persistent approach. So does content marketing strategy, with its ongoing action and proactive approach. You can’t just do them both, as you should only keep doing them consistently to see a stable performance and long-lasting results.

seo content

After all, there are still some conceptual differences between SEO and content marketing, I should admit. Here is why - the search optimization is about much more different technical stuff, aside from the content and backlinking itself. And what we should take for granted, is that SEO has some precisely specialized tasks to deal with, for instance, metadata, tagging, robots.txt optimization, sitemap strategy, etc.

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