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Semalt ip range is really huge! How can I block every their ip on my website?

You can add IP into firewall. But I don’t think this will help for a long time.Why do you panic? These bots only collect data and pass it to the server, that’s all.
There is nothing bad in bots visiting your website. On the contrary, this means your online store is highly competitive. To run competitiveness rate monitoring, we select only reliable well-optimized webpages with a high page rank.Try monitoring your website with the help of Semalt analytics. You will find out about errors on your website, if any, as well as its Google search ranking and keywords used for its promotion.Our system is error-proof.

Just do a google search on how to block semalt. They won't help you here, they only try to sell their own products by spamming all over the internet. Going over to Semalt is like buying something at the door just to make the salesman go away.

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