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Semalt DDoS attack - is it true that Incapsula has something to do with it?

Just think to whom it could be beneficial. Semalt was out of business for half a day until the database was restored. Recall it in your mind how Incapsula bullshitted Semalt. I am not 100% sure but it looks like that they have an axe to grind with Semalt team. Just look how they are debunking them:)

Thank you for understanding! Thanks for your business with us!

The website of Semalt LLC really underwent a DDoS attack. We do not charge anyone specific with this incident. This is the Internet, and such situations are not uncommon. We are not the first victim of cyber criminals who are attempting to undermine reputation of a fair company.

Despite everything we continue improving our service of web analytics and SEO. We did our best to restore the system within the shortest possible time and to provide our clients with full access to their projects. Presently Semalt database is restored completely, and you can work over your websites unstintingly.

Thank you for patience! We hope that the cyber criminals will be found soon and will be brought to justice.

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