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Can my drive my online project to success with search engine optimisation for UK domain name extension?

Nowadays, there is a prevailing idea on the Internet about the somehow high power of dot UK domain name extension. Seriously, driven by the search engine optimisation UK based online start-ups domain names are considered now the latest fashion and a perfect fit. Well, most of everyone has heard of many iconic organizations and brands defined and brought to their success by a particular domain name. 

Well, we should admit it - shaping a marketing strategy is the first thing to do during the start-up period of possibly any online business project. And choosing the right domain extension name is a backbone of every marketing plan. That way, going for the search engine optimization under a dot UK domain, for example, would become the key decision taken by the entire business not only shaping its online presence on the Web, but setting the start point for success of the brand, and giving a green light to more live people clicking on a backlink leading to your web pages.

search engine optimisation uk

You might as well ask me a quite reasonable question - after all, why not picking the most popular dot COM domain name? Everything is rather simple, as the area of dot COM is becoming a too crowded place for a full move. Also, keep in mind, that having a proper search engine optimisation under dot UK can become a good way of doing business locally at a time. After all, I am going to refer to the latest research handled by Nominet, the industry foundation in charge for the dot UK domain name and responsible for this particular field area within a global online space. So, here are some more facts and extra information backed by a couple of statistical numbers, from the viewpoint of the search engine optimization under dot UK domain name extension:

  • Compared to any other websites, those pages ending in .UK are usually gaining more trust and authority among the users;
  • Dot UK domain name extension has many flexible name options for you to choose from, when your business is brought into full action on the level of local space (that means you can be absolutely free to pick some of the most popular domains like,, or use them later as your personal favorites, for example to host your new website in the long run);
  • A domain name ending in .UK either gives the birth to an organization website, supports a business start-up, or is just put upon an individual registry - one of these gets realized one more time with every 5 seconds passed;

seo company uk

  • And here comes a piece of really good news for those online entrepreneurs running their businesses on the Internet, and operating particularly with selling products or services. According to the recent survey by Nominet, there are over 70% of local adult purchases coming through the dot UK domain name extension.

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