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Semalt: Mozenda Data Extractor – The Best And Reliable Tool

Mozenda is a comprehensive web scraping service; it is best known for its useful features and ability to perform multiple tasks at a time. This software allows you to scrape content from,, Amazon, and eBay. You can save files to Dropbox and Google Drive, or download it directly to your hard disk.

How does Mozenda work?

Mozenda performs its tasks according to the following pattern:

1. It extracts data from multiple sites. First, Mozenda identifies the data patterns.

2. In the next step, it combines datasets.

3. Thirdly, Mozenda uploads results to two main cloud storage services: Dropbox and AWS.

Mozenda Web Console and Agent Builder

1. Mozenda Web Console – This web application allows us to run our agents (scrape projects). We can also view and organize the results and export the extracted data to CSV and JSON.

2. Agent Builder – It is a Windows application used to build multiple data extraction projects at the same time.

Most distinctive features of Mozenda:

1. All-in-one software:

Mozenda is best known for its user-friendly interface. It is not only a web extractor but also a crawler; this software uses different bots to crawl your web pages. It can ever extract data from banned websites, and you just have to highlight the URL to get it scraped instantly. Plus, it provides spam protection and fixes all the minor errors in your content.

2. Suitable for small-sized businesses:

As a startup, it may not be possible for you to invest in pricey data scrapers or web crawlers. However, Mozenda is the free software that can perform highly daunting tasks conveniently. It analyzes web documents, collects information about competitors, latest trends, emerging markets, and gets you desired results in a matter of minutes. Mozenda is good for freelancers and small-sized businesses and doesn't require you to possess coding or programming skills.

3. Scrape the entire website:

If you are looking to scrape the entire website, Mozenda is the right option for you. Researchers need to get information from journals and e-books to conduct their experiments. This tool helps collect qualitative and quantitative data in a better way, and companies can use Mozenda to launch and market different products.

4. Good for brand awareness:

If you have launched a brand or want to promote your products and services on the internet, you should use Mozenda. With this data scraping service, you can easily collect data, conduct a number of experiments and monitor the quality of your documents. Also, this tool helps generate more leads and promote your brand on social media effectively and efficiently. In short, you can grow your business using this software and can target potential customers all over the world.

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