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MySQL TokuDB: The Best Storage Engine For Storing Scraped Data – Semalt Expert

Scraped data can be used for various purposes including marketing and price analysis. In web scraping, obtaining data from the web is as essential as storing the data in formats that can easily be read and processed. In this scraping tutorial, you'll learn about the criteria to use when choosing the best storage solution for retrieved data.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is a technique of retrieving large amounts of data from websites and web pages. The process of web scraping involves the use of a scraper (a small automated script used to crawl and extract data from target-sites) to retrieve information from websites in readable formats.

Storage requirements

  • Disk space

The space of your disk determines the effectiveness of your storage engine. The technology is changing, and soon, you'll require a Solid-state Drive (SSD) to store the scraped data. SSD disk is not only fast but also very reliable. Don't let data retrieved from websites crash your Hard Disk Drive (HDD), go for the SSD disk and enjoy persistent data storage.

  • Scalability factor

Storing data amounting to thousands of terabytes can be infuriating. This is why you need an efficient storage engine to succeed on your scraping projects. Don't let storage limits jeopardize your web scraping projects. Your storage engine should have the potential to accommodate large sets of data.

  • Processing framework

The most significant aspect in web scraping is the processing framework that gives you the opportunity to process large sets of data at a fantastic speed. An excellent storage engine should be able to pass large amounts of data to the processor.

  • Ability to handle big sets of tables

When scraping, it's recommended to work with separate tables to ease and speed up processing. You need to understand your scraping process for sustainable results.

Storage engines to consider

MyISAM – MyISAM is a storage engine used to handle small-scale scraping projects. In fact, it can handle millions of records. However, keep note that MyISAM does not support "Limit" and "Delete" functions. Also, it does not support "Compress" function, a function that is not a must-to-use on scraped data.

InnoDB – InnoDB is a storage engine that comprises in-built compression feature. This storage engine works best for small-scale web scrapers.

TokuDB – TokuDB is by far the best storage engine to use. The engine comprises of Date Definition Language (DDL) queries that quickly define the structures used in a database. If you are a fan of using compressions on table level, TokuDB is the storage engine to consider.

If you are working on retrieving large sets of information from static sites, MySQL TokuDB is the best storage solution to use. This storage engine is a combination of scalability, speed, and processing capabilities, hence the best storage solution to store your scraped data!

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