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Semalt Expert Explains How To Scrape Content From A Website

Ever since the net started growing in terms of data, the businessmen and data enthusiasts have been looking for reliable scraping tools. Today, there are various techniques, services, tools and ways to acquire data from web pages. Some of them are suitable for hobbyists, and the others are meant for enterprises, businesses, and webmasters. WebScraper is a comprehensive and powerful web scraping tool. If you need information from different websites for your research project, you may use this tool and get your work done instantly. WebScraper helps scrape content from various web pages and doesn't require you to possess programming or coding skills.

Scrape hundreds of pages:

With WebScraper, you can scrape as many web pages as you want. In fact, this tool automatically extracts text, images, emails, and URLs from a number of sites and save content in CSV and JSON formats. WebScraper helps programmers and developers scrape up to ten thousand web pages in an hour and save their time and energy.


Unlike other ordinary data scraping tools and services, WebScraper is easy-to-use and has a user-friendly interface. You can extract data from various categories, keywords, and web pages and save it in WebScraper's great database. Instead, you can download the files to your hard disk or directly copy it to a floppy drive for offline uses. WebScraper has a built-in scheduler and proxy support. There is no need to write sophisticated scripts and codes while scraping your data.

Navigate to different websites:

For journalists, it is very important to navigate through different news websites to collect useful data and content. You can use WebScraper to navigate through a number of sites and gather informative stuff for your own website. Once the data is collected, you can get it scraped with WebScraper and publish useful content to your website to generate more leads and earn more money on the internet.

Data patterns and spam protection:

Two of the most distinctive features of WebScraper are the identification of data patterns and spam protection. With this service, you can identify different data patterns and arrange your information based on keywords. In addition, this service provides spam protection and ensures your safety and privacy on the internet.

A good alternative to Kimono Labs and

Kimono Labs,, ParseHub, and Octoparse are some of the most famous and powerful web scraping services. It's safe to say that WebScraper is a good alternative to all these tools and gets your work done easily and comprehensively. In fact, WebScraper has far better features than and Kimono Labs and is suitable for both professionals and non-professionals.

Export data in different formats:

Once your data is fully scraped, WebScraper will export it in formats like XML, CSV, JSON, and TSV. You can also save the files to an SQL database or download it directly to your hard disk. You can even save it to Google Drive, and WebScraper displays data such as product listings and pricing information accurately and comprehensively. This tool extracts information based on short-tail and long-tail keywords and ensures the provision of quality content.

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