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How Real Time Web Analytics Help My Site?

In 2017, the implementation of sophisticated SEO and SEM methodologies has reached its peak. Today, it’s hard to find a successful online marketer who doesn’t invest in search engine optimization and search engine management techniques heavily.

real time web analytics


It’s no surprise at all that SEO and SEM are very effective in driving relevant traffic to websites if implemented correctly. They are often applied in the process of creating and optimizing landing pages. However, there is not enough time in the day to create an effective landing page for every paid keyword. To make the matter even more complicated, no one can control or anticipate where a potential client lands via organic search.

Surges in a new search behavior also known as “microtrends” can appear in a matter of minutes. For example, the impact of Chester Bennington’s tragic death on music sales or search for snowblowers during a blizzard. Those marketers who want to maximize their returns on investment (ROI) and get their website to the top of Google search should focus on capturing the analytics opportunity of this dynamic search behavior. That’s where real-time web analytics comes in.

Real-Time Web Analytics: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Nowadays, moving to a real-time web analytics model is a must for those individuals who want to decrease wasted ROI and improve their site’s ranking. Real-time web analytics implies practically the instant access and use of analytical data. It analyzes consumers' immediate behavior when browsing, searching and clicking to deliver relevant content at every second.

Real-time analytics technologies are highly beneficial for retail websites since they allow to capture visitors' behavior right away and provide in-the-minute personalized product suggestions on any web page — responding to the individual search requests and reducing the number of custom landing pages needed.

Furthermore, real-time analytics help marketers capitalize on search micro trends by adapting the products and services presented throughout the shopping cycle to the surging interest in the shortest time possible.

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Example of Real-Time Web Analytics in Action:

When a searcher looks for a "metal spinner" and clicks an organic or paid search link to get to your website, they should see results for the five leading spinners you supply — not just a generalized category page for spinners, accessories or souvenirs. If the landing page is direct-to-product, the potential customers should be presented with recommendations and offers related to their search.

Traditional analytics packages play a fundamental role in developing an SEO and SEM budget. To maximize your investment in both search engine optimization and search engine marketing, show your customers exactly the products they are looking for in real time. If you give clients what they want, sales move only in one direction: up!

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