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What should I know to drive my website ranking with SEO services?

Google search engine is known to use over 200 of different factors with its truly sophisticated ranking algorithm. As it has never been disclosed, our best insight and knowledge is mainly based on the practical experience of the industry experts. Nevertheless, the most of leading webmasters, as well as top digital agencies are focusing on considerably less different factors to provide ranking SEO services, even on the largest scale and difficulty.

ranking seo services

Well, we see that not all ranking factors got the equal power and, hence their influence on Google’s search algorithm is quite different. So, luckily we don’t have to consider that huge set of over two hundred items. Instead of that, let’s see the most important signals we should care about first and foremost. And it makes no difference, whether you prefer working on the search engine optimization on your own, or probably decided to drive your website ranking with SEO services offered by the agency - you’d better know all about these three factors before anything else:

Page Content

Content quality is recognized to be the most important factor of ranking when Google’s algorithm takes the search ranking decision on every web page across the Web. And most recently it was reconfirmed once again, this time by some former employees working at the industry giant. So, we can forget about those times (about two years ago), when the primary focus had been instantly moved to a keyword-focused machine writings. Now the preeminent importance of high-quality content in natural language is back! So, you should concentrate your work on building only valuable, user-friendly content, rich with infographics, videos, and multiple images, rather than just keep maintaining a high keyword density.

Quality Link Building

Having enough links to connect your website with as many other relevant web pages as possible has always been the second strongest ranking factor for Google. The only thing you should consider for now is that over the years Google’s algorithms have never stopped evolving and developing. And what we must face - now the search engine “knows” how to make a difference between natural (organic) links, and artificial ones still widely used to achieve a higher score. That way, I recommend you to forget about any paid links in bulk, or any other black-hat, as well as grey-hat link building techniques. You’d better have a lower count of only quality links, rather than going for some manipulations, besides at your own risk of being penalized.

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Mobile Responsiveness

First seen in late 2016, now Google has completely shifted to the alternative way of indexing. I mean that running your desktop-based website backed with a handy mobile-friendly version has never been as reasonable. In fact, to achieve the highest ranking in Google’s list of the SERPs, you will need to work on mobile optimization, under any circumstances. Just one cold fact - according to the most recent survey, the most visible domains found among top-100 search results were awarded by Google particularly for using mobile-responsive solutions for building their web pages. So, now mobile responsiveness does matter now, so consider doing the stuff as soon as possible, in line with maintaining your current growth in ranking with SEO services. That would be all you need, at least for now.

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