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How quality backlinks contribute your SEO efforts?

Link building is one of the most effective SEO tactics which is designed to improve a website's position on SERP as well as grow organic search traffic. However, to achieve a quality backlink portfolio implementing only white-hat SEO tactics may be challenging. Due to that fact, many webmasters refer to more simple black-hat optimization techniques to build a link building campaign. However, this kind of link building can harm your site and cause a drop in rankings.

quality backlinks

Recently, backlinks played a different role in websites ranking. Links were how Google figured out which sites were good. The links served as recommendations, so web sources that have more link ranked higher on Google. However, since that time, Google has significantly changed its ranking algorithms. Currently, only white-hat link building techniques can contribute your site SEO efforts. It does not make sense anymore to purchase, borrow or steal links. All these activities may be noticed by Google, and then your site will most likely get severe penalties. According to current Google ranking algorithm, everything you can do is to earn backlinks through your efforts. In this article, we will discuss the ways how you can earn quality backlinks to receive targeted traffic to your site.

Guest blogging as the perfect way to obtain quality backlinks

Guest blogging is a highly controversial theme on digital marketing. Recently, it was probably the simplest way for link building. However, some non professional SEO specialists decided to benefit from it and started to generate low-quality mass-produced content that has no value for users. That is why Google has warned against blog posting and put a lot of people off. Nowadays, website owners who publish irrelevant poor quality blog posts get heavy Google penalties which is difficult to get rid off. However, done right and by Google guidelines, guest blogging can be an effective link building tool.

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On the bottom line of guest blogging process, you need to get the best blog spot you can. To accomplish this task, I advise you to scope out your competitors’ guest posts. Start with a comprehensive Google research, inserting user’s name and the words “guest post.” At the same time include in your query your home domain with a minus sign to exclude non-relevant results from a listing. As an alternative, you may search within the URL and identify an author as an author. You may also simplify a process, using Semalt Auto SEO tool. It will help you to determine a content written by a particular author and quickly find in search results. Moreover, you may get sharing and backlink data using this tool. If you have noticed that one of your competitors has already been featured on a site, then most probably this site will link you too. You need to contact with this domain representatives and if they are ready to cooperate, to get the best guest post link you can.

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