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How to promote a brand new website and boost online business visibility?

There are hundreds of new sites popping up on the Internet every day. However, most of them are never seen in search results because many similar sites already exist. In this regard, one can promote a new website through social media. Twitter and Facebook are two important social networks that online merchants may use to promote their new websites.

How to promote a new website through SMM

  • Facebook
To begin with, create a Facebook business page to attract new followers. Make sure to highlight a new business URL address. Additionally, remind followers of the page and encourage them to promote your website.
  • Linkedin
Secondly, join LinkedIn groups. While striving to promote a new business website, it is significant to join other marketers on LinkedIn. In this connection, join some LinkedIn groups which are relevant to your business such as college, high school or alumni society. Thus, joining a LinkedIn group enables new site owners to send private or public messages concerning their business to all members.

  • YouTube
Thirdly, create a YouTube page for your company. The site is unique since it is a search engine, video hosting site, and a social network. YouTube is a great way of posting ads and videos about a new company. Your site will serve as a big traffic-drive.

  • Twitter
Promote site content on Twitter. Twitter is a great chance that allows companies to trend in a form of “hashtag.” Compose a blog containing useful information about your industry and link it to a trending hashtag. In this way, millions of users can potentially see your tweets and visit your site.

  • Contests on social media
Create a contest and do its marketing on social media only. Everyone likes a contest or a giveaway. Thus, if you want to people to visit a new site, always build a contest that draws attention to your product.

  • Responses to users’ questions
Respond to all questions from social media on the site. When a user posts a question on social media, provide, a well written response on a site you want to promote. It gives users a full view of what they wish to understand. Additionally, reply the same queries on social media by posting a link.

  • Visual content
Include images to social media posts. Images are great for social media posts as they attract users attention. Use flashy and bright colors to make your page attractive. Moreover, use photos such as stock or company logos.

 promote new website

  • Testimonials
Share clients’ testimonials. It is important to request customers for their testimonial or endorsement of company’s services. Post the same testimonials on social media accounts for review by potential customers.

  • Retweets
Finally, retweet or share other people’s views. To promote a new site and brand, always share what others say on the social media. This improves the confidence of potential customers.

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click ads)
If you still do not know how to promote your new website, a sure option will be Pay-Per-Click advertising. PPC advertisements on Facebook can increase a new business website traffic. PPC allows one to decide on people to view their websites based on interests and demographic data. The PPC then increase traffic on a company website being promoted.

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