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Can you show me the right approach to earn PR10 backlinks for free?

That’s the right question because it’s accepted that links with the highest domain authority and PageRank values (such as PR5 - PR10 backlinks) can only be earned rather than purchased. Yes, of course, there are a lot of different offers seen across the Web, with different types of links, and even PR10 backlinks can be easily found on sale. Nevertheless, in 99.9% cases, these “offers” are nothing but tricks used by scammers just to make profits. You don’t want your website or blog to land a severe ranking penalty for having low-quality paid backlinks in bulk, do you? Remember, when it comes to well-performing link building in SEO - quality always matters, not quantity. I mean that having a couple of earned PR10 backlinks, for example from educational and governmental websites or some other top trusted sources is always better for SEO purposes, rather than spawning masses of low-quality backlinks, besides without a clear understanding of the main goal and their actual functioning. Here is how you can earn extra powerful links for SEO, and even PR 10 backlinks - of course, there are several pretty fine approaches to help you with that. Among the others, I recommend trying Testimonials, Reviews, Submissions, Guest Posts, and Infographics. But the thing is that PR10 backlinks can be grabbed either from governmental, or educational sources only. This year I’ve already succeeded in getting some extra valuable links particularly from the latter ones - and you can also try earning PR8-PR10 backlinks from dot EDU websites - either with making a broad, or using scholarships.

Broad Outreach

Most commonly, every reputable educational establishment, not limited just with universities and colleges, not only runs the official website, but commonly has different resource pages with many links pointing back to the most featured resources helpful for all - both students, and their teachers. That’s why working persistently to get noticed and included to these resource pages for future reference can become a great way to get probably the most precious backlinks without paying a dollar, at least directly. I recommend handling a broad outreach via email to offer some helpful solutions related to your industry, for example, web design, automated research, etc. And of course, you are going to look like spam. Anyway, getting even 5-10% of positive responses to post your link turns this technique into a definitely reasonable one, right?


This scheme will need not only your time and effort but a certain amount of budget spending. It involves creating and promoting a scholarship to get that deserved dot EDU backlink in return. If you are ready to work on scholarship a really serious way, here are three main points to move with the task:

  • Create a page to give a general description of the scholarship itself, and offer a fill-in application form to engage fitting participants.
  • Identify prospective universities or colleges using advanced search strings with “scholarship” taken as the main keyword.
  • Complete the outreach with a polite email - and you're free to rush out and start working to create a real scholarship with real winners and rewards.
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