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Is it possible to build permanent backlinks for free?

If you are reading this article, then most likely you would like to generate more traffic to your web source, blog, article, and so on. This article is specially designed for those who would like to get permanent backlinks without spending any cent. However, you should know that getting high PR backlinks for free, will take patience and hard work. If you could get relevant and high PR backlinks without any effort, then you wouldn’t need this content piece, would you?

Let us first say some words about backlinks and their significance for traffic generation. Generally speaking, backlinks are what occurs when one web source links to another. It works quite simple. First of all, Google bots parse a source where the inbound link is placed. They evaluate the relevance and quality of the content which is based on this source. Moreover, search engines pay attention to a website PageAuthority and PageRank as well as the amount and quality of incoming traffic. Once this research is done, search crawlers quickly take a look at a linked web source to ensure that a link is relevant and trustworthy. Assuming this data, Google makes a note to increase the connected website rank the next time it crawls around it. 

That is why more backlinks mean more traffic and subsequently the higher website rank. In its term traffic means new customers that will bring money to your online business. So, we can say that backlinks bring you money and high return on investment. 

Is it reasonable to purchase permanent backlinks?

A lot of webmasters decide to buy backlinks to accelerate a process of brand improvement. However, you need to be an expert in it to purchase precisely those backlinks that can bring value to your site. Otherwise, you can get no return or even make things worse. 

There are a lot of fraudulent SEO specialists on the web who promise to build so-called “high PR” or “high value” backlinks. Purchasing such links, you just waste your money. Because even if the backlinks are from web source with a high page rank, it means nothing if they aren’t relevant to your site. Moreover, Google can easily detect purchased links and penalize both the buyer and seller. 

There is no doubt that some of the services will get your links from are very high quality. They can build as many backlinks to your as you afford to pay for. However, there is one interesting phenomenon, as soon as you stop paying for their services, the links that were built to your site will be removed. That is why paid backlinks are not the best way to get traffic from the search engines.

What are the other ways to get permanent links?

You can build backlinks on your own, establish good business relationships with the niche related web sources. Or if you are rushed you can hire a full-time SEO staff to build backlinks the right way. It is going to cost you a lot more than these bargain backlinks you can observe on other sites, but they will keep your website on the first SERP page for much longer. 

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