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Why Mobile Optimized Website is a Must in 2017?

Over five years ago nobody had heard of a responsive web design. Fortunately, things have changed over the last few years. Today, people tend to use mobile browsers more than the desktop browsers. According to a recent research made by Morgan Stanley, app use continues to evolve. People tend to spend long hours on their smartphones. Opening and using the browser are the leading mobile phone activities.

optimise website for mobile

WordPress is the perfect platform that helps to optimise website for mobile. It recognizes the importance of mobile devices for both web development and design. WordPress simplifies the use of smartphone’s mobile browsers, making it easier to surf through the website in search of necessary information. The following post will explain how WordPress helps to create and manage mobile-optimized sites.

Interested in Attracting Mobile Users? Optimise Website for Mobile!

Methods to reach mobile users keep changing, and site owners need to keep up with them. The options available include:

1. Mobile Site vs. Mobile App

Determining which one suits you best requires identification of the circumstances under which you are going to create the app:

• A rich, interactive experience for the audience such as an exciting game;

• Web technology limits the manner in which creation takes place;

• Want to create an engaging application for an already established brand.

The first two cases do not require the implementation of WordPress. The third might need WordPress, especially for the development of WP-EST API.

Here are the circumstances for which one would opt to create a mobile-optimized website:

•  Implementing SEO to attract visitors to the company’s site;

• To facilitate the social sharing of the content on the site;

• No need to access the site while in offline mode;

• A limited budget or expertise;

• Want to offer the same content on different devices.

For a majority, most of these aspects might be applicable. If all the options listed above match your requirements, then a mobile optimised website is the perfect choice for you. Even though one wishes to create a mobile app as well, it is important to back it up with a mobile optimized site.

mobile optimised website

2. Mobile Site vs. Responsive Site

Mobile site visitors do not expect that the experience they get while browsing cell phones will be similar to the desktop experience. They prefer mobile responsiveness especially with the fast-mobile signals on the spot. In addition to having a separate mobile site, ensure that speed is the core element of your website.

Optimizing Site for Mobile Users is Simple

Responsive Themes: Requires combining fluid layouts with media queries, which create a design that works work well with all screen sizes.

Plugins for Responsive Sites: Make sure there is a responsive theme, and customize it where it’s applicable. Also, look for plugins that interact with the responsive site. Don’t forget about those that increase the user experience when browsing small screens.

mobile friendly website

Managing WordPress Sites from a Mobile Device

Managing and updating the site from a mobile device is possible through the browser or the WordPress app.

Using Upfront to Create a Responsive Site

As a rule, the framework includes the “drag and drop” mechanism, which requires no coding knowledge. It starts with the Upfront starter theme, which one downloads and installs. Using the WPMU DEV plugin is also acceptable. Click the Responsive Mode in the Upfront editor, which appears on the left. It gives an overview of how the site looks like on different screen sizes. One can make changes as they fit. There is an option to show element button if one wishes to display a region or page element for hidden items. Click save, if it satisfies expectations, and then exit the responsiveness window.

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