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What should I do to build landing pages and SEO them right?

In this article, I will tell you how to create SEO landing pages. Here are some useful strategies to consider when building your next landing page:

landing pages and seo

  • Keyword research

The first thing you should do is select the words that you want search engines to rank your page. Keyword research can be a very long and tough process. However, the more time you devote to this research, the better results you can expect.  

Start with making the list of terms that are relevant to your business. Then, figure out what combinations of those terms your prospects might type into the Google search box with the intent of finding what your website offers. Semalt specialists suggest giving preference to long-tail keywords since they are easier to rank for than short-tail keywords. What’s more, long-tailed keywords produce a higher ROI.

  • Include your key phrases strategically

Once you’ve determined your target keywords, concentrate your efforts on placing them strategically on your landing pages. If you want to get high rank in SERP, put target key phrases in your title tag, header tags, meta description, image file names and the entire copy.

  • Consider backlinking

It’s advisable that you use link building when creating SEO landing pages. In 2017, getting people to link to your web pages is still one of the best ways to boost search engine rankings organically. It works as follows: if someone is interested in your content enough to link to it from their website, they are vouching for you.

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways you can make other websites link to your resource. SEO experts suggest that you adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Create unique and engaging content: As statistics show, the more original and relevant your content is, the better it will be received.
  • Identify the influencers in your industry: Use referrals from friends, email campaigns, and social media to find the contact information of individuals who would consider your content valuable.

You should understand that not all links are created equal. Start small by attempting to get links from bloggers. Check out their blogrolls for more people to contact, and work your way up to the more significant influencers.

landing page seo

  • Speed up your pages

Page speed is one of the few SEO ranking factors Google has come out and confirmed. According to research made by Kissmetrics, almost half of people expect web pages to load in less than two seconds, and 40% will leave the website if it takes three or more seconds for it to load. As you can understand, this comes back to enhancing the user experience.

You can quickly check your website load speed by plugging your pages into Google PageSpeed Insights. This service will tell you whether your pages load fast enough. To speed up your pages consider next steps:

  • Use smaller image files that don’t compromise quality;
  • Switch to a faster web host;
  • Shut off all extensions and plugins your page isn’t using.

Hope you find this article useful. In case you have any other ideas on building SEO landing pages, let us know. We love hearing from you!

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